AntiGameOrigin v6.0.0 Release Date

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    • AntiGameOrigin v6.0.0 Release Date


      Hello dear players,

      Finally, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived.

      Tomorrow 18/10/2015 in the evening, AntiGameOrigin version 6.0.0 should be released for public.
      Download will be available only from site

      Change log for version 6.0.0:
      • [FIX] Unable to attack with esp. probe
      • [FIX] Spy on click in Galaxy view
      • [FIX] Pressing enter key don't work in Galaxy view
      • [FIX] No redirect when click on AGO_BOX of player coordinates
      • [FIX] Event list in Galaxy view buggy
      • [FIX] Can't send deuterium with cargos by pressing the fill buttons
      • [FIX] Unable to redirect to cords of planet/moon when click on it on Target list
      • [Feature] Improved keyboard navigation in Galaxy view ( spacebar, arrows, keys "a" & "d" and "q" & "e", and many more...)
      • [BUG] Page title (bug in <title> element)
      • [BUG] Clicking from message window to AGO button

      Planed feature for version 6.0.1:
      • [Feature Request] Whole message window redisign
      • [Feature Request] Adding messages features from AGO v5
      • [Feature Request] Fixing Spiohelper
      • [Feature Request] Button on top of chat to be able to go to his main planet

      If you have suggestions for AntiGameOrigin version 6.0.1 you can post it here:
      Suggestions for AntiGameOrigin (click)

      Your AntiGameOrigin Team