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      Skynet a browser extension / addon for Chrome and Firefox.

      Particular important for me was a nice integration with ogame ui thereby additional content and functions are not intrusive and look as if they belong to the game.

      • Support for OGame version 6.0
      • Layout changes, especially the planet list with display of the current production and enhancements in the event list.
      • Support for transport:
        It shows which ships are needed for the available resources. An additional button allows instant shipping of the suitable fleet.
      • Support for expedition:
        An additional button shows the ideal fleet for expedition and allows instant take off.
        The behaviour of this button can be changed to suit your needs.
      • Countdown for fleet recall
      • If espionage probes in the fleet the mission is automatically set to Espionage.
      • If a colony ship is part of the fleet, Colonization is default choosen.
      • If recycler are part of the fleet, the debris field is selected per default.
      • Resources summary at the overview page
      • Eventlist enhancements.
      • Everything is configurable
      • Most settings are used for all universes, so you don't have to set up again and again. When reasonable settings are specific for on universe only.
      • Settings are synchronized when using Chrome.
      • Espionage reports have some improvements, like ships needed and loot expectable.
      • Useless research is hidden
      • Enhancements when building fleet, defence and solar satellites.
      • Debris fields can be highlighted
      • Planets can be ignored and blended out.
      • For some buildings the amount of solar satellites is show to deliver the energy needed.

      Download Chrome:…kmfoeeefjchbckc

      Download Firefox:

      Language: English, German, Spanish, Swedish (other languages currently see the English translations. Translations would be appreciated )

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