How does the new lootsystem work?

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    • How does the new lootsystem work?

      Taken from the V6 Announcement:

      benneb wrote:

      Additions for Admiral:

      possible to change the order for looted resources during combat
      Ingame description of the Admiral:
      He also allows for an additional expedition slot and lets you select
      the priority of resources when looting after a successful attack.
      How does this system work excatly? My understanding of it is, that with the selection of the priorty in Fleet 3 I can choose which ressource should be looted until the 50/75/100% lootlimit of the target is reached and then the ressource with the second priority gets looted until the limit is reached there.

      So if my target is a 50% target with 10k of each ressource and I attack it with a Small Cargo with Crystal as priority #1 I should get 5k Crystal or am I wrong?

      This exact example I already tried out and something really suprised me:
      Total loot: I selected Crystal as priority #1 and it isn't the ressource I got the most from.

      So if someone could explain this system to me I would be really thankful^^

      Links if you dont want to click the ones in the text:
      Fleet 3

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    • The Priority you set works not that way, that it loads in max or within edge cases not more then the #1 it´s an extra load after the known 3 depending on the priority you set. And with the priority setting you set like: Start the load with the res type I choose. Which mean, that you can get more in your cargos in some cases.

      To change it in "load max what i set", the system has to be reworked and redesigned totally, which isn´t that easy in OGame (depending on code and also on the userbase)

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    • Farix and I found out by now, that at least the description of this feature in the description of the Admiral should be slightly changed. Priority sounds like "This is the Ressource I want the most, I should set it to priority 1" but in reality it is the order in which they start loading the cargos.

      We tested it with 4 SC attacking a Planet with 50% loot and 30k Met, 10k Crys and 30k Deut on it. Priority 1 was Deut, 2 was Crys and 3 was Met.
      Normally you would expect that you get more Deut with this system, because it has the highest priority.
      Suprisingly it's the other way around: The fleet is delivering 8.334 Metal, 5.000 Crystal and 6.666 Deuterium.
      If you set Met as #1 it's the other way around. Met #1 would be like it is atm in the v5 Universes.

      Ways to solve this slight misleading spelling:
      1. Exchange priority with order in the description
      2. The ressource with priority 1 gets looted last and priorty 3 gets looted first. This wouldn't be visibled for the user from the outside and would only require a slight change in the gamecode but would make this system a bit clearer.

      Elsewise this might get confusing for new players with nearly no experience in oGame.

      How I imagine this system works currently in this particular case:
      Display Spoiler

      1. Fill the cargospace 1/3 with priority 1
      2. Fill priority 2 as much as you can but 50% lootlimit gets reached
      3. Fill the rest cargospace that is availabale with priority 3

      I know in the most attacks this system wouldn't even matter, because you send enough Cragos to cover the %-limit of every ressource. But the small things also matter^^

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