Pinned Graviton research upgrade - We want your suggestions!

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    • Graviton research upgrade - We want your suggestions!

      Dear Players,

      Gameforge is looking for ideas to upgrade existing researches to increase the strategies in this aspect of the game. They are thinking in some options but they don't want to change the game on their own, they want to listen the opinion of the players.

      So you have the chance to propose now your ideas about the grativon tech, you can propose what would you do with it when you upgrade it, give it another uses... it can affect to the deathstars, but it can affect to any other aspect of the game too, up to you :)

      You can propose in this thread: Graviton research upgrade : [Ideas]

      We will select best 3 of the suggestions and we will send them to the OGame Product Team. All others communities will do the same, so they will receive a lot of suggestions, and they will select best 3 of them. Those 3 ideas which Gameforge finally select, will get some prizes:

      #1 2x50€ Dark Matter coupon
      #2 50€ Dark Matter coupon
      #3 25€ Dark Matter coupon

      You can post your suggestions until 24th August at 23.59 (German time)

      OGame Origin Team.
    • We finally got the results of this contest.

      The winner suggestions were:

      1.: Wormhole
      Original Suggestion

      This tech can be used in 3 fields: attack power, shield and speed.

      Attack power: with each level of tech increase in fire power – perquisites would be adequate level of combat technologies, research lab and energy tech.

      Shields: availability to create gravity shield for planets and death stars – it absorbs rays. Higher level of tech means higher effectivity. Perquisites: adequate level of gravity tech, research lab and energy tech.

      Speed: Flow of gravitons can create artificial black hole, which can with certain technology be used as well to create worm hole that can connect two points in space. That leads to more efficient movement of death star. Perquisites: adequate level of gravity tech, shield tech, research lab, energy tech and hyperspace tech.

      2.: New way of farming resources with a new 'mobile miningstation' which needs RIPs to go for a mission
      Original Suggestion

      There are already some very good suggestions here, but you should not ignore to erziehlen a positive effect as possible for minority and Fleeter.

      Possible approaches:

      1. Effect on the production of energy:
      Per level of Gravi the basic production of satellites, solar fusion power plant increased u. By 5%.
      Of course, the whole thing can be embellished with a complex formula (see Fusi / Etech).

      2. Impact on the production Deut:
      Per level Gravi the basic production of Deut mine increased by 5%.
      Alternatively, see point 1 and explanation of the formula. A closer look at with respect to effects on trade price would here however mM after required.

      3. Effect on drives:
      Per level Gravi the base speed of all vessels increased by 10% to .Alternativ see item 1 and explanation of the formula.

      4. Possibly even new ships and defenses the provitieren from a higher Gravi.
      Have not had any big ideas here.
      Perhaps a Gravikanone conjunction with an increase in attack power of vessels.

      5. Effect on shortening periods of research in connection with the network.
      I would mM after a particularly sinnvol designate, as the research time is a limiting factor and yet still quite early in the game.
      The whole gekopelt to the network and a percentage reduction of research time.

      The proposals are more "neutral" held by a party not to play more in the cards.

      3.: Building for DM production
      Display Spoiler

      im going to assume that this has not already been posted:

      my suggestion is as follows:
      1) each level of graviton tech increases the production of all resources by 5% this includes power. this would not affect the proposed mine below until after level 5 (in such case it treats Graviton as being 4 levels lower than it is)

      2) each level decreases the consumption of deut each nuclear reactor consumes by 5% to a maximum of 75%

      3) NEW MINE: "Large Hedron Collider"
      Level 1: 2,000,000 Metal 1,000,000 Crystal 200,000 Deut. power cost: 1000 x level, Build Time: 2x Nanite of same level.

      Requirements: Nanite 3 Graviton 5

      Effect: each hour consumes (Level x 500) of Metal Crystal and Deut (in a similar manner to that of the fusion reactor) the mine produces (Level of Mine) DM per hour.

      notes: yes this means that a sufficiently powerful player has access to a "free" constant stream of DM, however the rate should be sufficiently low enough (level 1 produces 24 DM per day) that it is unlikely to affect purchasing of DM, in addition it consumes from a players total hourly production of the other 3 resources. for the purposes of how to allocate it within the Dark Matter tooltip have it be under a new "created" tab. in such cases "created" dark matter may be stolen and it does not prevent account deletion. although i only suggest the production be equal to its level/hour i will leave the final numbers for both the production and consumption to the members of the dev team. maybe this suggests a rate that is too low and youd like to increase it, maybe too high and decrease its consumption. however i suggest, and highly recommend that its production never fall below its baseline of Level per Hour, otherwise itd be fairly useless. how players use this extra DM is up to them, but only a sufficiently wealthy player is likely able to make use of the really high-end possibilities. i can see that a player who could produce a total of 253 DM/hour overall could possibly keep the full command staff up for a week, every week but to do so would cost an exorbitant amount of time and resources better spent elsewhere.


      There was another ideas which were good and GF is thinking about them. Maybe they will be included in the future, or maybe not.

      - Planetary shield
      Original idea

      Un graviton graviton shields the completion completion of the survey of this research gives you the power to build civilization.

      Graviton shield: Level 1
      Cost: 14500 Metal, 87500 Crystal, 3000 Deuterium
      The cost of the next level = Previous level * 2.42
      (Level 9. The cost of construction 17 million metal, 103 million crystal and 3.5 million deuterium will be)

      The graviton shield the opening of a small amount of deuterium consumption of high amounts of energy, and in Exchange will provide power shield the planet. The cost of high deuterium enables it to be opened only in an emergency. A known attack that can be opened and saved in advance provides the ability to win a war. But economically it is difficult to keep it open for long periods of time. With this probe are not able to comprehend whether the system is active.

      The energy requirements per level. 5x Level (permanent) + Level 15x (active)

      Basic Shield value = 25000
      Level N, the coefficient of shield = (N+1)(N)(N-1) (From level ten ago)

      To shield the sample values:
      Level 1 = 0
      Level 2 = 150.000
      Level 3 = 600.000
      Level 6 = 5.250.000
      Level N, the shield coefficient = (n+1)(N)(N)
      Level 10 = 27.500.000
      Level 15 = 90,000,000

      Deuterium consumption active = 5000 * N^(3/2) (Minutes)
      Example values
      Level 1 = 5000
      Level 4 = 40.000
      Level 9 = 135.000
      Level 16 = 320.000

      This technology level 6-7. in the vicinity of interplanetary rocket attack, starts to make extra shield power,
      cost is greater, and requires the player to be online to run. (running for a long time, the economic cost is very high.)
      and the only way of detection, Spy to follow the exchange of deuterium between reports.

      Level 9-10, which is cheaper than ion cannons as well as gives power to the indestructible shield.

      From level 15-16, deuterium is relatively open and the system is decreasing and the cost of the player to go online, will give you a strong defense system that can defend against everything, including the Death Star. The force of the shot or the player can destroy the enemy, but unable to get past the shields, strong, 1 transport ship will hit the enemy. Aggressor fleet Reserve and the defense can hope for is to slow down the end of deuterium.(Deuterium consumes a minute as soon as the system is turned on, a minute later, two solid deuterium consumes.)

      - Better drive for Death star
      Original idea

      new drive for death stars (graviton drive = hyperspace drive lv.10, if someone doesn't want to speed up DS and wants to speed up destroyers)

      - Influence planet temperature
      Original idea

      Since gravity has something to do with the planet, I had the idea of having a higher impact on the planetentemparatur gravistufe and leaves him thus be colder, which would increase the German prodde ... plasma increases Met kris, German, however, is of nothing increases

      Your OGame Origin Team