Moonbuilding for economy players

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    • Moonbuilding for economy players

      I actually don't have a good idea to solve this but my "problem" is that I play as a miner in Quantum. All my planets are together in galaxy 9. I have 10 planets and 5 of them have a moon. I use only 1 of those moons. The other moons are never used by me. They don't have a phalanx and also no jump gate. Because I would never use them.

      In my opinion it's a pity that it's not really necessary to use more than 1 moon. If I were a fleeter in that uni I would know it, today I would manage to get a moon everywhere. Inclusive phalanx and jump gates.

      Maybe we can discuss about a new moon building which could be implemented to help the economic part of the game. Something which support the mines for example.

      I know it's difficult to get something genius. I read several threads about this subject but nowhere was a really interesting idea. I thought at the origin board with all those smart people here we could do it :D
    • I slept a night thinking about this problem and maybe invent something nice! It is meant to make moons for miners useful.

      My idea is to implement a special mine only for moons. This mine produces "lunar soil" or "moondust" (which word do we like more?), as you can read in this article it has some special characteristics which make it a wanted substance.…lunar-soil-simulant-12310


      As the word says it could be only mined on a moon, because we don't have it on earth or other planets.

      The idea is that fleeters choose for a sensor phalanx while miners now can choose for a "lunar soil" or "moondust" mine. The idea is that players can exchange this moondust for only resources boosters. To prevent we get a fourth resource and to prevent make dark matter useless. However it could be stolen by 50%, just like normal raiding. Honour 75% and bandits 100%.

      I took the same prices as with the dark matter, so a bronze resource booster cost 2.500 moondust/lunar soil, a silver resource booster cost 8.500 moondust/lunar soil and a golden booster cost 25.000 moondust/lunar soil.

      The mine produces per level 10 extra moondust/lunar soil. So level 1 produces 10 moondust/lunar soil per hour. Level 2 produces 20 moondust/lunar soil per hour , level 3 produce 30 per hour , level 4 produces 40 per hour and so on.

      The cost for level 1 are 100.000 metal, 100.000 crystal and 100.000 deuterium. The costs will double for each level.

      Of course is energy needed for a mine. I thought about 100 for level 1 and doubles per level. Only solar sats can be build on a moon so that's the only way to make energy, which also prevents that inactives produce moondust/lunar soil because when you want to steal it you have to destroy the sats first.

      Summary: A new produced resource, which could be stolen and only spend on resource boosters. It's especially made for miners so they have an alternative for the sensor phalanx which is useless for them.

      Of course the numbers in this idea could be changed. Maybe you like the idea but not the costs for a particular element. Please say how you would like it then :)

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    • I don't like this idea.
      First problem buying Boosters with new resources, on that way higher ranked players will be able to build higher mines on moons and they will be able to get more new resources with which they can buy more boosters without DM.
      You want that higher ranked players have boosters on all planets? :thumbdown:

      aliendestroyer wrote:

      The mine produces per level 10 extra moondust/lunar soil. So level 1 produces 10 moondust/lunar soil per hour. Level 2 produces 20 moondust/lunar soil per hour , level 3 produce 30 per hour , level 4 produces 40 per hour and so on.

      The cost for level 1 are 100.000 metal, 100.000 crystal and 100.000 deuterium. The costs will double for each level.
      Second problem is this. Those mines produce so few resources, and you know they occupy plenty of slots on the moon. And slots on moon are not so much cheap. It is better to use those slots for sensor phlanx and jump gate than to build some mines.
    • aliendestroyer wrote:

      The whole idea is that you have to choose between a phalanx or mine, so highranked players (usually fleeters) build a phalanx, while miners build a moondust mine.
      hmm in later phase of the game higher ranked players can build both.

      aliendestroyer wrote:

      If nobody likes the idea about another resource then we could go for vulca's idea. The only thing I want to reach is to get something on a moon for the economic player.
      Ye, that idea about adding new type of resources is realy bad. That is something that is we don't plan to add.
      About Vulca's idea you already said it, there is plasma tech which increases 1% metal and 0.66% crystal per level.
      If you want to increase more you can buy anytime premium items (booster) with Dark Matter.
      That is the point of premium items (boosters).
    • What you say about the later phase is true of course but I think with almost every idea the higher ranked players have more advantage.

      I believe long long time ago there was an ogame time without moons? When gameforce decided to add moons then the higher ranked players have an advantage because they can easier pay for the moonshot. They can build more lunar bases, they can build faster a jump gate and they can build more levels of the sensor phalanx. They always have an advantage...

      We have a few problems to solve now (if we want to add something at the moon for the economic player).

      - Gameforce isn't going to add a new type for resource. Period.
      - We can't just say that the planet belongs to the moon produces more resources at the mines because that would almost copy the plasma technique.

      An idea is to say that you can't build a mine and a phalanx on the same moon. But that would be very strange in my opinion, so isn't a good idea.

      How does gameforce think about something on a moon for the economic player? I mean they could say we aren't going to change a thing, period. In that case we can stop inventing a better idea of course :P
    • Plasma isn't the same ;)
      Plasma is unbreakable :P

      These moon mines should be expensive for a little production increase.
      If you invest on it, you take the risk to lose you moons, the ressource invested in and the added production.

      I found the miner style boring, only building the most profitable mine following the tuto ...
      With that, they will have to think about "do i want to take that risk to inscrease my production ?", "Should I defend my moons and how ?"

      ** OgameTech **
    • What do you think about giving a new purpose to storages from moon?
      The story could sound like that:"Its is easier to dig into a moon because of low gravity,so a vast network of tunels and storages can be built inside the moon,to protect resources from plundering.Anyway,diging takes time so the amount of resources wich can be stored inside the moon will increase in time.Each level of the moon storage will increase the eficiency of diging.Also because of the moon size you can't dig forever,so the maximum capacity depends on the moon size."

      So storages should do the following things:
      -hide resources from spys
      -protect the from attackes with normal ships(excepting RIPs)
      -if you attack a moon with a fleet havings RIPs in composition you can steal 50% from the hiden resources(being able to save resources using moon storages would make fleetsave useless)

      max capacity=moonsize*10000 (for each resource separately;so for an 8500km you have a total storage of 255kk)

      capacity increase rate=1000*(storage level)/hour

      Note:if you destroy the storage you should be still able to protect resources but capacity would not increase anymore

      I hope you like my ideea and sorry for my bad english :D