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    • OGMem - your OGame CR-archivist

      Hello folks,

      I am proud to announce the project OGMem.com, the OGame CR-archivist!

      OGMem.com is a website, where users can upload their combat reports.

      It offers the possibility to show uploaded combat reports for the public, which means that those CRs will be publicly visible on our website, in our inbuilt archive, in the charts (where users can view the biggest uploaded CRs, optionally filtered by universe and/or ACS) and that additionally our IRC bot will inform about those CRs in specific channels.

      An example for a publicly visible CR can be viewed here: ogmem.com/show/420
      There you also see, that we offer the possibility to optionally hide the combat rounds, you are able to add follow-up-CRs and harvest reports and are able to comment on a CR, etc.

      We also offer the possibility to just upload CRs privately - the CR is then not publicly reachable (and hence not listed on the archive and charts page) and you need to get the link of the CR from the uploader to view it. All other features (follow-ups, harvest reports, commenting, etc) are of course also available for private CRs.

      We have an IRC bot, which will post into IRC channels as soon as a new public CR has been uploaded. You are able to let the IRC bot join your own channel, and then you can decide, for which universes it should inform there!

      As you see, we already have a great set of features available and we have planned even more! Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe all our features in detail here, so if you got curious, just create an account and try it out! :)

      Currently, OGMem.com is only available in German, and you can only upload german Version5-CRs. But we are already internally prepared for other languages and also for OGame Version 6! The Version6-Support will be released at latest, when OGame Version 6 is released in one of our supported communities (which is currently only ogame.de).

      We have the plan to expand into all OGame-communities in future, and hence we are heavily searching for translators and community-admins! If you got interested, just visit us in our IRC channel (see below) :)

      We also are heavily searching for a webdesigner. We already have a software developer, but webdesign is not really his specialty (as you may have noticed on the website). So if you are creative, are better them him in webdesign and are interested, please visit us in our IRC channel (see below) :)

      We are mainly reachable in our IRC channel - #OGMem on irc.OnlineGamesNet.net. When you want to get in touch with us, then our IRC channel is the place you want to be!

      Thanks for your attention!


      PS: I know, many of the people in this forum do not speak german and hence cannot understand something on our project website (duh!). But, honestly, that is exactly the reason why I posted here: To get into contact with people who are interested in contributing; to get our project translated and optimized :)
    • We now also have an english version!

      In the upper navigation bar, you can choose the language - if your browser isn't on english, you will by default get the German version, in that case just select "English (UK)" from the "Sprache"-Dropdown in the navigation bar! :)

      Also, it is now possible to upload OGame.org (EN) combat reports to OGMem.

      I guess there are some translation mistakes, so if you encounter some, don't hesitate to report them (here in this thread or in the IRC).

      The next community we will be releasing will be OGame.us (US) - we don't think there is much difference to the .en community, but we first want to make sure that the .en version is correctly working.

      Furthermore, we are of course working on other nice features. Keep curious! :)