Update v6.0.0 alpha21

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    • Update v6.0.0 alpha21

      Dear players,

      On May, 11th the Origin Test Server will get the update to v6.0.0-alpha21:

      The current changelog:

      OGame 6.0.0-alpha21
      • [Bugs] Mass mark as deleted working
      • [Bugs] Fix mass undelete
      • [Bugs] Fix for perma deleting messages*
      • [Bugs] Fix for Ignore list
      • [Bugs] Fix spy reports, changed Spy Report Detail Message if no details available for user in Detail view
      • [Bugs] Text: Spy report - detailed resources display
      • [Bugs] Fix for scrollbars in detailed combat report
      • [Polishing] Nicer pagination
      • [Polishing] Reversed the polarity of the Neutron flow. This increases the amount of bubbles created in whirlpools.
      *For the perma deleting message part it's needed to make a clear of all messages in Bermuda, which will remove also bugged messages from previous alpha versions and so we also can check if something goes wrong during the procedure to prevent such errors on live servers. If you find out any problem after the delete procedure just report it to us here: OGame 6.0 - Feedback Area.

      This server is open for everyone so we hope you enjoy the tests.

      Your OGame.Origin Team

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • Dear players,

      Because of the removing of Dens(replaced with upgrade of storages), we refundet your invested resources today on the Origin Testserver.

      Your OGame.Origin Team
      Being a QA is sort of like being a goal keeper. People only talk about you when you’ve screwed up. We are the silent guardians of game development, and they will never have to thank us.
    • The Origin Test Server got the same update today:

      Valent wrote:

      Today release candidate 1 on Bermuda Universe:

      OGame 6.0.0-rc1
      • Add scrollbars in chats
      • New Message counter alignment fix
      • Updated scrollbar library
      • Remove alliance restriction on sharing messages
      • Fix overlay for favoriting before sharing
      • Fix Abort button in favoriting overlay
      • Expose shared user to messages, display who shared a message in new shared Report tabs
      • Fix shared spy reports to be seen by shared users and not only attacker
      • Fix for broken notifications
      • Remove empty space above messages
      • Message count fixing preparations
      • Move Patchnotes into left menu instead of green button
      • Fix for sorting in buddies list
      • Heavy fighters can now cloak when no one is watching them
      • Fixes combat report javascript in external window
      • The combat reports in new windows are now centered
      • Make it more obvious if espionage section is empty or failed because of spy level
      • Enable missile Attacks on destroyed planets, since spying and attacking them was available already
      • Change Sharing messages to AJAX instead of plain HTTP, Part 1
      • Close window after sharing, popup window with confirmation
      • Fix password length restrictions on change password page
      • Popup window buttons for favorite now working
      • Fix for arrows facing wrong direction on Jump gate dropdown

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |