Wonder of the universe

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    • Wonder of the universe

      I think that it is good if we add something new to the game in field of buildings.
      For example Wonder of the universe. Only one player can build once the wonder on one server.
      It could cost 2kkk of resources, for example 1kkk metal and 500kk crystal and 500kk deuterium.
      Profits is an aspect to talk about, because the game still require money from people if they want to for example have more fleet slots.
      Player who would build the wonder can be awarded by underlining in ladder or some special icon.


      Gravitons 3 lvl ( at least more levels will be needed)
      Laser technology 15 lvl
      Armour technology 18 lvl
    • What if there were multiple ones of varying sized randomly scattered on planets. And you have to find the planet with it on it. But you need certain levels of espionage to find it before colonization. Else you have to find out after colonization. Wether that is on colinization or after colonization and a certain espionage. Or we could put in an archeology skill and some new game mechanics. Maybe where you can get the benefit of said artifiact from unkowned worlds or even owned ones but you can't take possession of the another players world.
    • First there is no sense to give so much resources to build that, only to get special status in universe and some extra fields.
      For extra fields there is premium item which you can buy with DM.

      Gold Planet Fields
      +15 additional fields on a planet.
      Silver Planet Fields
      +9 additional fields on a planet.
      Bronze Planet Fields
      +4 additional fields on a planet.

      Is more cost effective to buy Gold Planet Fields than to build " Wonder of the universe "

      But as Valent said it will be nice to have something to develop in late game without waiting 3 weeks.

      This idea is not cost effective :unchecked:
      And also it is not fair that only one player can make "Wonder of the universe" :unchecked:
    • As for Planet Fields for Planetary Developments rather then interests for Development for Planetary Concerns, not such if really was for the latter, but probably still as well off.

      But still even then, say having one Field additional than otherwise, could perhaps offer fair amount of advantages against say the difference, but perhaps more than likely as of course would not.

      But Wonder of the Universe to me would say like used as posted, something that everyone could participate of but like at the end of each week there is some sort of ranking and for what that is there is say a One-Winner situation. And in some Grand-Scheme of things, at the end of a Universe, the Winner of Winners could perhaps gain option to move all prior holdings from one Universe to the Next. But until then, say the Winners say Awards rather then Reward(s) given, the Winner of Winners gets the one there is of, the Wonder of the Universe.

      Having a multitude though for interest of Wonder for Wonders would probably still be interesting though.


    • Once per player would seem defaultive to say in its' nature, probably leaving perhaps to the limitation of the quantified worth of say the Universe Functioning Operative, which if based on say efficiency say over effectiveness, probably would conflict to the standard of say the implied.

      Where were as say for a Customizable Solution, could rely just on input for say output, rather than just single input.

      But as such even for a Single Wonder, would debate say interest of limit per player. But say One Wonder per player per Universe would probably be the standard. Which would say go back to once per player, but still.

      But I would say for then relies on what still say a Customizable Solution. Which probably would still be limited of course, don't get me wrong, just wouldn't be say a 1 input solution to any. So even on choices of multiple Wonders, would offer say Customizable Solutions, would say just debate why anything more than one to be done for what is did for selection is based on the regards because there is another. Given, say One Wonder for Resources, One Wonder for Power, and etc..and you select one given the worth to have a Customizable Selection in doing so, but for yourself for why still is of course as well.

      One-for-all and All-for-one seems the better answer for an OGame Attributive.