Announcement OGame 6.0 and 6.1 (Announcement and Testserver)

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    • OGame 6.0 and 6.1 (Announcement and Testserver)

      Dear players,

      Today we want to introduce you a bit our next version and its content: Version 6.0.0 (Communication update).
      Some of you might have already seen some screenshots of it in our Facebook Page

      The new features you will find in this version are based on communication between players, those together with some new tiny changes in the design will allow you to face a better battle experience with your mates. Better way to organize your hits, ask for help in case of an incoming attack and share your espionages to ask for a fast help.

      It will still take us some weeks until we can roll out this version in all our servers because before doing so we want to be sure that the version is as good as possible and won’t bring any problems to the gameplay.
      As soon as we will have more information we will share it with you.

      At the end of this week/beginning next one, we will start a "closed" test universe with a few active players from Origin chosen by us (between 20~30). The reason behind that “small” choice is because the version is still in development phase and performance problems might still occur and make the universe unpayable.
      We will closely monitor the performance of the universe and its activity to identify problems that may pop up and solve them as soon as possible. If everything goes fine and the performance of the universe is good, we might add some more registration spots for other players and do again the same steps, monitor and identify possible issues.

      In case you haven’t seen the screenshots…

      Here you can see them:

      Your OGame team
    • Dear players,

      today we got some more (interesting) information about v6.0.0 and changes.

      Some of the stuff I am going to mention is already known but some other is completely new.

      We keep working on the version. The release date is still unknown, sorry :(

      General changes:
      • New message system:
        • new tabs
        • better performance
        • chat (player to player)
        • storage for favourite messages
        • optimized spy reports (short and detailed views)
        • separated message icons (player message & others)
        • message system accessible from galaxy view
        • alliance message possible from message system
        • deletion time for messages changed (not influenced by Commander anymore)
        • messages automatically loaded in message stream

      • New combat report:
        • new summarized combat report
        • new design for detailed combat report
        • displayed how many recyclers are necessary for resulting debris field

      • surfing galaxy won't cost deuterium
      • performance optimization for combat system
      • optimized overview for fleet event list
      • optimized buddy list (including sorting)
      • fleet sending: deuterium is loaded in own tank (not loaded in the storage tank anymore). This new tank will have the same capacity as the storage one

      Changes for Commander:
      • Available without Commander:
        • spy moons from galaxy view
        • launch recyclers from galaxy view
        • message filter

      • New for Commander:
        • possible to store more favourite messages

      Additions for Admiral:
      • possible to change the order for looted resources during combat
      • additional expedition slot (free fleet slot still required)

      We hope, you are also looking forward to this version as we do.

      Your OGame Team
    • Hi,

      Another important change will come with v6.0.0.

      Dens will be removed from game and the storages will make their function.

      • Each level of storage will protect 1% of the daily production of that planet (meaning that the amount of protected resources won't be only bounded to the level of the storage but to the production as well)
      • Only basic production of mines will be taken into consideration to calculate the protected % of daily production (officers and boosters are excluded)
      • Each storage will protect the type of resource that it stores (metal, crystal and deuterium will be separately protected)
      • Storages will protect up to level 10 (meaning that the maximum amount of resources that can be protected is 10% of the daily production of each resource)
      • Storages of inactive players WON'T protect any resource
      • Storages capacity won't increase
      • Protected resources won't be visible in espionage reports
      • Used fields of existing dens will be given back to players
      • Invested resources of existing dens will be given back to players
      • Moons' storages won't protect anything since there is no production in the moons
      • Energy management has also been removed from resources view

      Your OGame team
    • Ogame 6.0 Testserver

      Dear Players,

      On Thursday 19th of March at around 13:30 (CET) we will open the registrations for users for the test universe with version 6.0.0.

      There will be only 500 spots for registrations so it will be the rule of "first come, first served".
      In the future, that number might be increased.

      The universe can be reached at:
      Universe Bermuda (the registrations are closed at the moment).

      Here a summary of the "settings":
      • x4 speed
      • 10.000.000 Dark Matter after account validation
      • Universe runs in English, although the communication between players can be done in any language
      • Cap of 500 accounts
      • Inactive accounts will periodically be deleted (before the 35 days)
      • Dark Matter purchase is possible, however NO refund will be given in case of server closure or restart - in case you purchase, do it responsibly
      • This is a test universe, therefore some things are always to be kept in mind:
        • Universe can be closed or restarted at any time without any notice
        • Performance problems and bugs, as well as texts in German can appear at any time
        • No special support is granted for damages caused by bugs
        • The goal is testing, if you find a bug, don't abuse it but report it with screenshots here:
        • Test accounts might be high ranked and high score vary constantly, remember, goal is testing, not a high score competition, for that we have many live universes
        • Respect the others and the rules, it's a test universe but we are still people

      We wish you all much fun in testing this Version.

      Your OGame team
    • Dear Players/Testers/Teamlers,


      That´s the first word in my mind after around 1 Day of testing on the bermuda Server.
      We received around 100 Feedbacks via the Feedback button and also many reports in our Origin Board Section. For those who are active, you make a great job, thanks so far (which don´t mean that you should stop!).

      The best way to report problems is to report it in our Origin section or at least make screenshots and send us the link via feedback button. Pics are always the best way to describe problems you find. Also please have a look at the list i try to update time by time: Summary of reported/forwarded Stuff message system. In that list most stuff is listed, some are hidden in general words e.g. missing functionality and so on. So before you report things, have a look there, if you are not sure, just report it, you will not be poked :holy: .

      We also received many requests about get more DM, because many of you spend all DM, which was 10MILLION in some hours (PPPPPLEEEEAAAAASEEEEEEE). At least that amount isn´t really needed to test the message system.

      We know that you want always "more" so we will consider it (only if you stop begging)

      Also important for testing: Please disable Addons like Antigame. Those are causing some problems and only costs us time to figure out why it isn´t working for you.

      We wish you all much fun in testing this Version.

      Your OGame team
      Being a QA is sort of like being a goal keeper. People only talk about you when you’ve screwed up. We are the silent guardians of game development, and they will never have to thank us.
    • Due to the big success and the amount of data that we have gathered and analysed -which helped us to find and fix several bugs, thanks to everyone who made it possible- in Bermuda, it's been decided that the registration cap will be increased.

      On Friday 27th at 13:30 (CET) the limit of registered accounts will be increased up to 1.000 (total).
      At the same time, all the inactive accounts (7 or more days) will be deleted.

      And last but not least, the newest version of version6.0.0, alpha15 will be released in Bermuda.

      Here you have a little overview of the most important changes/bugfixes:
      • Techtree: Battleship shown instead of solar satellite
      • No moon icon & no coordinates in spy report (own)
      • Fleet mission - Harvest, possible to select expedition time + missplaced DF icons
      • Galaxy: Player tooltip - Writing message Icon is shown instead of text
      • Storage protection of daily production removed for inactive players
      • Resource settings - css error
      • Alliance: Missing editor at apply section
      • Admiral owner can set priority for plundering - added new fill in round to handle worst case scenario
      • "Event Handler Lag" after expeditions - finally fixed (hopefully)
      • Setting to disable the pictures in the new spy report (same picture was shown for all ships)
      • Default pictures in reports set to 'on' and changed the setting
      • Fix for registration process (some accounts couldn't log in after being registered)[/*]

      Please, keep always in mind that this is a test server and some of the functionalities of the game might not work properly at any time.
      Some problems might also appear in the coordinates of the old espionage reports (those that took place before the update to alpha15), the new ones won't have any problem.

      For any kind of feedback or bug report please visit the following section in Origin:

      Your OGame team
    • Dear players,

      Alpha19 will be released tomorrow in Bermuda universe at around 12:30 server time.

      Due to large infrastructure updates the server will likely remain unavailable for a longer time period than usual, also unannounced logouts may occur throughout the rest of the day.

      Changelog will follow tomorrow.

      Your OGame Origin Team

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • OGame 6.0.0-alpha19

      • Performance updates
      • Bugfix in Payment delivery
      • Dynamic HTTPS/SSL detection and persistance
      • Operating System and Infrastructure Upgrades
      • SSL Upgrade for Game
      • SSL Upgrade for NodeJS
      • Switch over to new combat binary (game mechanics identical) - better performance

      Additional Notes:
      • HTTPS/SSL needs to be enabled by manually switching to https in your browser *after* you login. Bugs and unwanted browser messages are to be expected. Once updates on our start pages and updates from other teams are introduced as well, you will be able to fully use SSL encryption throughout the entire game. Please refrain from reporting bugs on this topic for now as we are aware of them at this point. We will inform you once we have the obvious bugs fixed.
      • Combat binary: No gameplay changes, we have recompiled the code for performance reasons and added features for internal debugging.
      • Browsers may show warnings when using SSL and not having a commander. This is a *bug* that will remain until the Netbar has been updated to support SSL as well.

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • Dear players,

      today at 12:30 server time Bermuda was updated again:

      OGame 6.0.0-alpha20
      • Fixed pagination in Search overlay
      • Fixed Message pagination
      • New message on Mobile view
      • Fix for slow message loading
      • Round Tech percentages in Combat Reports
      • SSL Fixes on Netbar and CDN
      • Performance updates
      • New scrollbar library
      • Installed Jacuzzis on Death Stars

      Inactive accounts will be deleted tonight, therefore more spots will be available for registrations.

      Have fun testing.

      Your OGame.Origin Team

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • Thursday 7th at 12:30 server time in Bermuda universe:

      OGame 6.0.0-alpha21
      • [Bugs] Mass mark as deleted working
      • [Bugs] Fix mass undelete
      • [Bugs] Fix for perma deleting messages*
      • [Bugs] Fix for Ignore list
      • [Bugs] Fix spy reports, changed Spy Report Detail Message if no details available for user in Detail view
      • [Bugs] Text: Spy report - detailed resources display
      • [Bugs] Fix for scrollbars in detailed combat report
      • [Polishing] Nicer pagination
      • [Polishing] Reversed the polarity of the Neutron flow. This increases the amount of bubbles created in whirlpools.

      *For the perma deleting message part it's needed to make a clear of all messages in Bermuda, which will remove also bugged messages from previous alpha versions and so we also can check if something goes wrong during the procedure to prevent such errors on live servers. If you find out any problem after the delete procedure just report it to us here: OGame 6.0 - Feedback Area.

      Your OGame.Origin Team

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • Today at around 12:30 server time in Bermuda universe:

      OGame 6.0.0-alpha22
      • [Bugs] Removal ship count in spy report (short version) if spy tech not strong enough
      • [Bugs] Fix for planet 0 in colonisation return messages
      • [Bugs] Fix combat report details layouts
      • [Bugs] Message pagination: too many requests sent to server while clicking through messages and trying to mark a message as favourite (caused some lag)
      • [Bugs] ACS fix in combat reports
      • [Bugs] Honour points to Combat Reports
      • [Bugs] Functionality for "delete all and restore all"
      • [Bugs] Event list and search overlay does not work properly on Ignored users page
      • [Bugs] Combat report not displaying full player information
      • [Bugs] Report message does not work
      • [Polishing] Rearrange pagination for combat report details
      • [Feature] Video for Moon destruction and Moon creation in detailed Combat reports

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • Universe Bermuda has just been updated to:

      OGame 6.0.0-beta1
      • API functionality
      • Background API fixes
      • Renamed blinking star in background to Blinky. Say hello to Blinky.

      As you can see, the changelog is very short this time and it basically includes only stuff for the New API: Dev Post: Planned new API for retrieval of combat reports.
      BUT there is a very important detail, as you can see, v6.0 has become BETA! This means that we are getting closer and closer to the release date.

      Additional information regarding the New API can be found here: Combat Report API release v1 for Beta1

      We are all looking forward to it. :)

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • Dear players ,

      A summary of recent updates:

      OGame 6.0.0-beta2
      Buddy request via player BBcode not functional
      Buddylist: buddy request, only one is possible
      Problem with pagination in "more details"
      Can not share spy or attack reports
      Older messages are not loaded after deleting newer ones
      No information about activity in spy report (if it was more then 15 minutes)
      Removal of the possibility to add GO/admin accounts to buddy list
      POSSIBLE fix for jump gate bug (yes the eternal ancient that duplicates the fleet)
      Add missing information to API
      Fix for Retreat messages
      Fix bug that broke eventhandler on Tactical Retreat
      First attempt at adding chat scrollbars

      OGame 6.0.0-beta3
      Spy report: Attack button in short view
      Spy report: Show defense count below ship count in short view
      Spy report: Always show categories in detail report
      Lord of the pagination: return of the paginator (removal of load messages)
      Messages: Wrong display of number per page
      Fix for notice in Spy report, fix activity counter, add red color
      Add API Keys to Short combat reports
      Fix API content type, fix bug
      Removal console spam from JS in message system

      Please keep in mind that some parts e.g. the return of the pagination instead of load messages is "work in progress", this feature has to be completed and polished.

      OGame 6.0.0-beta4
      Fix for looting not correctly subtracting from planets
      Fix for honourable fight display
      Fix for economy tab
      Fix for tooltip on fleet retreat
      Fix sorting by coordinates
      Make user settings apply to auctioneer notifications
      Fix highlight of combat report subject based on win, draw or loss
      Open combat reports in new window when setting is enabled
      Add detail info about spy level differences in spy report (Work in progress)
      Add spy report requesting to API
      Add API keys to spy reports (Attacker only)
      Fix Attack Button-image
      Add timestamp to spy report API
      Make buttons prettier and add API Key icon
      Link Alliance permissions to application messages
      Chatbar only shows alliance if permission is set
      Chatbar only shows alliance online status if permission is set
      Add interplanetary rockets to normal fleet overview
      Several fixes on pagination
      Internally renamed all spy reports to Bartowski Reports

      Today at approximately 13:30 CEST in Bermuda universe:

      OGame 6.0.0-beta5

      Missing Scrollbars or Pagination
      Fix for combat report in API
      Fix for cut off messages (Welcome Message for example)
      Fix for Combat Reports in own Window
      Add Event notification messages
      Add "shared" report tabs
      Message sharing, you can not "share" with yourself
    • Today release candidate 1 on Bermuda Universe:

      OGame 6.0.0-rc1
      • Add scrollbars in chats
      • New Message counter alignment fix
      • Updated scrollbar library
      • Remove alliance restriction on sharing messages
      • Fix overlay for favoriting before sharing
      • Fix Abort button in favoriting overlay
      • Expose shared user to messages, display who shared a message in new shared Report tabs
      • Fix shared spy reports to be seen by shared users and not only attacker
      • Fix for broken notifications
      • Remove empty space above messages
      • Message count fixing preparations
      • Move Patchnotes into left menu instead of green button
      • Fix for sorting in buddies list
      • Heavy fighters can now cloak when no one is watching them
      • Fixes combat report javascript in external window
      • The combat reports in new windows are now centered
      • Make it more obvious if espionage section is empty or failed because of spy level
      • Enable missile Attacks on destroyed planets, since spying and attacking them was available already
      • Change Sharing messages to AJAX instead of plain HTTP, Part 1
      • Close window after sharing, popup window with confirmation
      • Fix password length restrictions on change password page
      • Popup window buttons for favorite now working
      • Fix for arrows facing wrong direction on Jump gate dropdown
    • Today Bermuda and Origin Test Server has been updated to:

      OGame 6.0.0-RC2
      • Fix for showing defense instead of fleet in Report
      • Remove requirement to favorite messages before sharing
      • Fix for Spy reports not showing details when shared
      • Fixes for pagination & message display
      • Finalize spy report API output
      • Removed air condition units from bombers to make them lighter. After all, space is cold enough as it is already.
      • Add Recycle Reports to API
      • Add option to harvest button to combat report messages (Only shown when recyclers available, sends recyclers depending on created debris field for this fight)
      • Add Image for Recycling button
      • Add popup, correct coordinates, clean up styles
      • JS fixes

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • OGame 6.0.0-RC3
      • Cosmetic fixes for scrollbar
      • Fix for Firefox Pagination bug
      • Fix for NodeJS not working when switching between SSL and non SSL
      • Fixes for Alliance round messages
      • Fix for not taking alliance rank into account with alliance messages.
      • Fix for chocolate. Will not melt in Bomber cockpits anymore.
      • Fix for negative honor fight displays
      • Fix for displaying expedition combat reports in shared tabs
      • Only show debris button if the fight actually generated debris (In Combat Report)
      • Fix for BBCode editor, UX cleanup
      • Number seperators in combat reports numbers
      • Fix for communicating between HTTP and HTTPS Node Server
      • Fix for 'Spoiler moving button' on Editor

      will be live around 13:30 on live testservers

    • Today Bermuda and Origin Test Server has been updated to:

      OGame 6.0.0-RC4

      • Fixes to Scrollbars and Chat flickering
      • Fix for Item Line breaking in Messages
      • Reformat spy report numbers
      • Fix for JavaScript ACS
      • Fix for Alliance combat report sharing and comments
      • Add comments below messages
      • Fix for Espionage Reports overlay being too long
      • Switch comments from HTTP to Ajax, add Success and Error message
      • Automatically add comment to start of list, update Comment count
      • Possible Fix for IE JavaScript errors
      • Fix for message sharing
      • Remove Message comments button in Preview
      • Make Expeditions share- and commentable
      • Add Shared Expeditions Tab
      • Tried share expedition reports with pirates, got only an "Arrrrrr I´m a pirate" as comment.
      • Disable details button in preview

      Please Note: ALL messages ingame will be wiped

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • Today Bermuda and Origin Test Server has been updated to:

      OGame 6.0.0-RC5

      • Fix for Espionage Report not showing fleet failed message
      • Fix for IE JavaScript that broke Galaxy View
      • Fix for IE JS Bug that broke countdowns
      • More dots in short Espionage reports
      • Fix for Buddy point exchange
      • Add Fadebox, update BPPs after conversion
      • Due to decisions by the OGame Astronomical Union, Planets at position 15 are not planets anymore.
      • Only show remove buddy link when player is buddy in chat
      • Fix for Password recovery page
      • Add Buddy from Chat option added
      • Fixes for Message Reporting

      We also added 10.000.000 Dark Matter to every account in the Bermuda universe.

      Have fun testing it :)

      Great thanks for ava and sig goes to Jeanne_Dark

      | Admin - OGame.Origin | GameAdmin - OGame.ORG | GameAdmin - OGame.DE |
    • Just 4 Info:

      JoKy wrote:

      Today we made an "Hotfix" of 6.0.0-RC5, whith these changes

      • Fix Auctioneer countdown (Broken because of IE JS Fixes)
      • Planetmove errors not correct shown
      • Fix newlines in comments at shared reports
      • Fix showing buddy request if already a request pending for player
      • Fix for pagination bugs on last page
      • Change Dropdown in Alliance page to new style
      • Add refId to error page redirect to make invites work
      • Bug display with ASC attack


      Best Regards