UniverseView version 3 is coming

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  • UniverseView version 3 is coming

    Dear Users,

    I've been working on version 3 for quite a while now.
    Progress is slow as I don't have much time.

    A few days ago I implemented the most important part of the code, the user & planet databases.
    Now I'm finishing that code and afterwards it should go much faster.

    A little bit more info about version 3.
    It'll have very little changes for you.
    It's Possible that I'll add a few new features and changes to existing features.

    The big change:
    The code will be completely refactored.
    Because extending & bugfixing the code and adding new features was not easy in a few thousand lines of code.
    With the help of Grunt I've been able to bring a lot of structure and simplicity to the code.

    I'll also try to make UniverseView opensource, with the use of Git, so other developers could easily join me or when I'd stop someone could take over development.

    Thanks for your patience and I'm hoping to release version 3 before 2015.

  • Dear Users,

    It has been a while now since I announced UniverseView 3.0.
    Well right now I'm implementing the last feature, player spreading.

    When that's done I'll still have to do some optimising.

    In a few weeks I hope to have a fully testable version.
    That's why I'm looking for testers.
    If you wan't to apply please send me a PM on this board.

    You'll need Google Chrome as browser and you also need to be logged into Chrome with your Google account, because I'll need your email address.