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    • Development & versions

      Dear AGO user,

      Below a list with the most important AGO versions and links to install/download them. Each is an own addon with it's own settings and disabled autoupdate feature.

      Awailable next/after next week.

      AGO 5.2 - Based on Final 5.7.26 for older Firefox (<26) or Chrome (<32)

      AGO 5.8 - Based on Final 5.8.14 with the old fleetpage concept

      AGO 5.9 - Based on Final 5.9.x with the new fleetpage concept, inclusive all settings in the Options menu. (available in some weeks)

      Below a short timeline for the coming development:

      AGO 6.x

      - Finishing the new fleetpage concept.
      - Removing all options and settings which are not usefull for most of all player.

      -- A couple of settings will be merged with others to remove the pure number of them. Example for Time settings: "Show server time in an additional clock" will be merged.
      -- The default settings are optimized for experienced player (more or less as now), it is maybe possible to select "settings for beginner"