Panel - pinned constructions and events - Alerts and several Timer

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    • Panel - pinned constructions and events - Alerts and several Timer

      Hello folks,

      it would be an good additional function, to have a kind of a tea timer.
      the alert should be a popup, or like other tea timer addons, open and play youtube url( just sound) an alert e.g.
      So e.g. if you scanning 1-2 galaxies, you would never miss the timers, and can hunt a bit better.
      It could be a additional panel or like the event box (to put at the borrom of the galaxyview e.g)
      Those Alerts should be named and it should possible enter further informations like which galaxy e.g.
      There should be two groups of countdown clocks, one is a improvised which disappears and some static timers.
      like i scan g1-g5, i should be able to create 5 static timers with the same message and same duration.
      it would be awesome too, that there is a timer that count up. e.g. how long u need to scann.

      And it would be awesome, if i could enter coordinates and target time at the same time in the target window.
      like e.g [3:333:3] t03:33:33. so far i had to use two targets. and there should be a button in the galaxyview which freezes current solar system and time. like i stop at 13:01:43 at 3:33:3 i can go there again faster. the frozen targets should be copyable, so i can add easily 15 mins for timer
      also cool would be if antigame storage the last time when i seen that solar system, so i can guess and prove if the timers were correct. better would be if the time of the last scan would be stored aswell, and just shown in the tooltipp, so its not getting messy.

      maybe its possible to gather the data of galaxytool to antigame for the planet list. like u just open the players details at galaxytool and it grabs the infos of the site.


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    • I try to make some orderance on this suggestion

      1st) just the note that the eventlist can be displayed anywhere
      2nd) events can be pinned onto the Panel by clicking the times (also everywhere on refreshing, if needed)
      >see image<
      a) there is highlighting by mouseover and the font turns green on selection (also mark corresponding coordinates in planetlist)
      b) a selected event enables the countdown on fleetpages aswell!
      3rd) ok now there are several options how to advance this
      a) the type of mission should be shown next to the pinned event by tiny mission icons (own missions) and the colored warn-triangles (foreign=red, friendly=yellow) and maybe the movement-triangles(ACS attack=red and ACS defend=yellow)
      >see image< (this image also shows a current bug, where this two events will overwrite each anothe when pinning onto the Panel)
      b) to show the time difference to the local time (like the countdown on fleetpages) in the Panel on default should mess up the overview imo, but
      c) there can be placed another button at the end of the line, which opens a next line below the selected event.
      there can be shown the timer, then a checkbox to enable/disable the alert, and at last a field to manually set the minutes/seconds (or time) for the alert-timer
      If there is enabled an alert, then this can also be shown in the meta section (there where the counter for "Current" events is).
      It can be named "Alerts" and by clicking it toggles on/off all the extra lines from the pinned events with enabled sounds to see all the alert-timer

      - the time of calling up/refreshing the galaxyview can be displayed at the system-selection box (like UniverseView does)
      - a timer for the overall scanning time (or for each galaxy) is useless. If you need it, then use any third party programms. Same is for manually set alerts.

      4th) most timers would be available by this advancements but not for pinned constructions^^
      So it would be the best to also build a meta-selection with "Current" and "Alert" like for the panel tab Targets
      At the detailed info of an activated construction there is already shown the finishing time. So clicking this time would pin this construction to the section "Alerts" of the Konstruction tab. (for Commander there should be the option to summarize the alert for a complete queue)
      >see image<
      There are then shown coords, construction, level, finishingtime, time difference to local time and the checkbox to enable/disable sound (different to fleet movement)

      5th) Another concept would be, not to define this meta-section of "Alert" and "Current", but create an own Panel tab called "Alerts" besides "Target" and "Constructions" (lieke the tab "Settings").
      Then all pinned events and constructions with an alert are shown there in its own subsection.
      Furthermore there can be another subsection for manually set timers or regular daytime-countdowns or whatever there can be timers for XD
      In the AGO menu can be an own section for Alerts aswell.
      I dont know if this is really worth the effort, but all times and countdowns should be available with or without sounds this way...

      >also see this suggestion<
      >tangenting this suggestion<

      p.s. the title of this thread has been renamed therefore

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