New Management of planets of players from vacation

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    • New Management of planets of players from vacation

      I would like to propose a change into Management of planets of players from vacation:

      - Once a player hit "vacation mode" his planets should became farm-able.
      - All their resources are reset from zero and start to grow.
      - All the planet defensive/ships are became untouched.
      - So when a player probe such planet he will see only resources.
      - If a player hit such planet his attacks hit as the planet have no ships/defensive.
      - The player who is in vacation mode never receive reports into mail (to avoid spam and over-warm)
      - The incoming ships to a "v" planet can be phalanx.
      - Once a player return from "vacation mode" his fleet, defensive and all the resource he had in past will be restored.

      -- all attacks that are sent to a planet of a player "v" should be let to be hit as normally.
      That's mean: if a player return he do not see the current incoming and nor his resources/defense/ships are involve into battle.
    • I think, here have been some missunderstandings.

      If i have read right dobrinv wanted to say the following:
      -If you turn on v-mode your actual account status is freezed and backuped
      -Then ressources and defenses are set to 0 -> mines are building normally
      -other players can use the colonies of the v-modeplayer as farms

      But when he turns off v-mode:
      -Account gets an restore of the backuped data, so that he will see the same account status from the time of turning v-mode on
      -For him/her there would be nothing that has changed in account

      I am not sure, that the 2 posters before me noticed, that there would be no change or loss for the v-mode account.

      I think this is an interesting suggestion, that should not be rejected directly because of missunderstandings.
    • I like that. It turns the Planet into an NPC. so then people still have things to attack to get money. People will love high end players vacationing then! ><

      Another note is that a simple AI could be built to auto build defenses/ships and what not(based on the planets actual available stats before V-mode). Then it's not just a simple farm. It could even transport and do things players could do do based on availability of resources/tech/moons to replicate normal players. This would give people practice and experience for things besides Player vs. player... Basically adding PVE to the game! 8)

      That is one of the things that are missing from games like this that lower their longevity and servivability! It could be a very good addition!

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    • I understood exactly what he ment.
      i considered the back up serve load and codeing head aches involved in making this work.
      and the flood of rage quits along with all the complaints it will cause and tickets when there is no restore done,
      to an account after they return from v-mode.
      and how long it will take those players to rebuild till it gets sorted buy the staff.
      or those who claim they had more than what they had before v-mode./ restoration regaurdless of the backed up data
      the idea is not bad just not needed
    • What if you don't actually back it up but just redirect it to a server of empty stateless planets that can take on the stats of the said planet... then it simply goes vacation like now and loses the redirect so there can be no loss of data greater than there is currently. Myabe a set of 15 inviso planets in the SS past the 16th for expeditions. Or something else. It can be done a million ways..

      Also, this giving players the ability to harvest vacationing players allows the game to continue without them meaning vacationing is a little less useful. And playing a little more useful for the vacationer. And with this neutral for other players! 8) It's a good incentive to use vacationing for it's intended purpose and less as a convenient game mechanic potentially. Though it would still be useable as such.

      Edit: I think if you added this it would be cool to add paid vacation time also. Then if you have payed vacation time you also don't get deleted if you go inactive. Instead you switch to payed vacation mode. Then people can farm you as an NPC also.. Once in Vacation mode you start using time up(either immediatlely or after a preset free vmode ammount) and burn through it. Then after it is expired you can be deleted! Or am I misunderstanding how the rules work? Vmode time should be buyable with DM. Wether farmed or bought!

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