give x units of found DM at each first login in a day

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    • give x units of found DM at each first login in a day

      I think is important to make an incentive for players to come back to the game every day.

      Fear for raiding or need to gather accumulated resources may be not enough .So, why not give a tiny present for each login in a day .

      We have the import export , true, but frankly, i often forget about it , many others may forget about it too. Something that needs no intervention from the player and can't be raided.

      suggestions for such gifts:
      - give x units of DM ( found DM)
      - give buddy points and make possible to gain % of buddy points for the invited friends, increase the % if the buddy is growing faster
      - make a good prize, universe wide to be awarded to a random active player once every day at his login.
      - at each login the player receives a message with a coordinate set from where he can get a booster by sending a spy drone
    • found DM per login/day would favor activity. works for me.

      buddy system... in my opinion broken, or insufficient. y'all really... really... need to expand this concept to include new buddies joining an established uni perhaps taking over any existing account. this new buddy could gain a (small) percentage of DM purchases. auto-debit DM purchases if added value is necessary. and these buddies could designate each other as this auto-debit buddy benefactor.

      your remaining ideas feel good.

      while on this subject... another idea... how about... event inspired... community wide 30% res buff gifted to every account anytime a new uni opens, except the new uni itself. hardly any unfair advantage when everyone gets one. sort of a celebration atmosphere.