Merchant - I/E - get dayly offer via button

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    • Merchant - I/E - get dayly offer via button

      Hi Francolino,

      I would like to ask you if you think is it possible in the future to add a fast bid button in the auction section?

      I mean, that button (marked with the yellow arrow) could became a bid button? so you don't have to go down and click on the "submit bid" (now is very uncomfortable)

      sorry for my english, bye! :)
    • Hi

      I thnik this isnt worth the effort or even forbidden.
      So I changed it to the following suggestion:
      Get the dayly offer via the button
      Therefore mark the tiny button yellow, if there is a new offer (possibly need to be remembered by AGO - time counter)
      Mouseover the button should open a tooltip, where the resource types are listed.
      Clicking on the resource will pay the offer with the chosen resource.
      Afterwards the button turns grey again.