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    • What is LogServer?
      LogServer is a network resource used for proccessing, storing and displaying combat reports for the on-line game "OGame"
      Which servers are supported?
      All official servers are supported
      Which game versions are supported?
      LogServer can process reports from servers using the new engine (v1.x, a.k.a. "redesign") or the old engine (v0.x)
      Which languages are supported?
      All languages are supported and LogServer is independent of the game localization. The language used by LogServer is English
      If you want to see the main page in your own language, please contact us and we will work on it together
      What is the meaning of all controls on the main page and are all of them required?
      ► "Combat report (HTML-code)" (required) used for entering the HTML-code of your battle report. See "usage instruction" to get more info
      ► "Harvesting report" (optional) used for entering the harvesting reports (not HTML, just simple text)
      Sample 1: "Переработчики в количестве X штук обладают общей грузоподъёмностью в X. Поле обломков содержит X металла и X кристалла. Добыто X металла и X кристалла."
      Sample 2: "Поле обломков содержит X металла и X кристалла. Добыто X металла и X кристалла."
      ► "Comment" (optional) used for entering player comments
      ► "Planet clean-up" (optional) used for entering the additional (farming) results for the same planet (not HTML, just simple text)
      Sample: "The attacker has won the battle! He captured: X metal, X crystal and X deuterium."
      ► "Public" - if checked, your log will be added to the public list. All users can perform searches of the public logs
      ► "Hide coordinates" - if checked, the coordinates will be replaced with "X:X:X"
      ► "Hide technologies" - if checked, the technologies will be replaced with "X% X% X%"