UniverseView - 2.2.1

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  • UniverseView - 2.2.1


    The update will be live in within the next hour !

    If you want to fetch planets via galaxytool with the personal server option in the future, please let me know what you think it in this topic => link

    • New => Univerview now uses browser database by default, instead of ogame api.
    • New => Player spreading: Invert the row color for better contrast, read more
    • New => Favourite targets: a fleet button to set mission coordinates, read more
    • Polish => To activate the favourite target you now need to click the button instead of hovering it, read more
    • Polish => Faster updating browser database
    • Polish => Galaxytooltip behavior
    • Polish => Images now included in extensions (less network traffic)

    Detailed changelog
    Default option browser database:
    I changed the default option because most people don't switch options, this release will be a little test on that area.
    To see if more people keep using it.

    Galaxytooltip behavior:
    First of all there were some problems with the galaxytooltips.
    When solving this problem i also took the time to rethink the appending process.
    So it should be better now :)
    Also the tooltip closes when clicking it, this could be frustrating when you're trying to click a planet and mis it.
    That problem is also fixed now.
    The whole appending process now happens more modular.

    Favourite targets, a fleet button:
    When on fleetpage 2 clicking this button will set the coordinates as mission target.
    When on another page i'll open fleetpage 1 with those coordinates pre-selected.

    Feedback is always welcome ! You can contact me via this board or my website