Galaxytool plugin to get player planets

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  • Galaxytool plugin to get player planets


    This feature was request on the .org board.
    When you want to use this feature you'll have to upload a file on your galaxytool server.

    Instructions will follow when this feature is fully implemented.

    To use the plugin you'll need to specify the url to the secret map on your server.
    The access code should be your galaxytool TOKEN .
    The update button won't work, because that's a whole other story :)

    Feedback please :)

    (The image is in dutch, in english it's called the "personal server" option)

  • well Iam really interested in this feature, because iam using the Galaxytool aswell and i always thought that this will be possible sometimes in the future.
    Galaxytool is awesome in its features, information and possibilities so it would be even better to get some infos from that database directly into OGame with some additional styling, management and features by UV :) This sounds really great !

    keep your excellent work going

    GreetingZ, fl00ri
  • Hi,

    It has been a while !
    I asked the 2 guys from galaxytool if it is ok to publish it.
    And they told me it was ok, so in a few days i'll publish the plugin on my website.

    They suggested to add my link on their wiki, but i haven't heart from them in a while so i don't know what the status is on that topic.
    I'll probably contact them again in a while.