[3.0.0] Improve and Connect the Features

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  • [3.0.0] Improve and Connect the Features


    this pretty nice feature to list favourite coordinates via the galaxy should also show, if the coordinate has already been added to the list.
    By Hovering over the position (and then hover over the grey plus) a red plus should be shown instead of the green plus, if this coordinate is in the favourite target list.

    i modified the image (red plus) for those buttons, to keep the same style like the green plus:

    here is example:

    changes as you can see:
    • departed planet/moon from each other for adding (makes sence if you only have moon as favourite target, so you should see exactly this in the target list)
    • then it came to my mind, to connect the quicksearch feature to the favourite target list and player spreading!
      (inside the search windows should also appear the grey button on hovering, green on add, red on remove, blue for the player - add to currently selected profile)
      this could be very useful
    • in quicsearch you could show the buttons permanentely if you like:

    additionally you could colour the shown player like in the galaxyview (tag and status - means e.g. bandit and outlaw) so there are more information about them whenever you search in the quicksearch feature ;)

    ok so this becomes an overall suggestion for several features :P

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  • Moved back to suggestions

    Need some more feedback from other users as well.

    Adding the add buttons everywhere shouldn't be that hard, the removing button on the other hand will be a little bit more difficult.
    Also when there are buttons everywhere it gets a little bit to much and confusing.

    For example in your second image the add buttons for players spreading in the player list and the add buttons for favourite targets in the coordinates list.
  • it is on your own whether to show the buttons permanently or only on hovering. ofc in this case the second way would be better. so it looks normal as it is right now, but on selection is the additional option to add player/coordinates to the corresponding features...
    my suggestion is primary for the functionality. the layout and realisation is your part^^

    i never saw anyone else giving feedback or suggestions for UV. instead of waiting you could just test it, maybe in a testversion that you can hand us out. maybe the feedback will come then there or atleast we can see by ourself if it/what is better. Q
  • This request will be implemented in upcoming version 3 of UniverseView.

    I added the add button to for both Favourite and Spreading to the QuickSearch feature.
    Also added tooltip hints to the buttons.

    In the QuickSearch feature the player status will also be shown

    The add buttons will no be shown permanently.
    Also the colors will stay the same for now.

    Example for the player status:

    Example for the Favourite feature:

    Example for the Spreading feature: