07. Buildings & Constructions

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    • 07. Buildings & Constructions

      latest update: 05.08.2013

      • [7.1.1|Show finish time]
        • [Explanation]
          The time when an ongoing building/construction/research will be finished is shown in its detailed information layer and in each construction queue box.

      • [7.1.2|Show detailed resource information]
        • [Explanation]
          The total/missing resources and needed Cargo ships to carry them are shown on the image of the detailed information layer from any building/construction/research. You can select a level range and pin those details onto the Infopanel (tab Constructions) for the advanced resource management and sending.
        • [HINT]
          By clicking the amount of needed ships, they get preselected (as well as the target coordinates) the next time you open [FLEET].

      • [7.1.3|Show name or details over the images] Name&Details
        • [Explanation]
          [OPTION]Name[] Shows the name on each image and removes its tooltip. [OPTION]Details[] The maximum amount of buildable ships of one type (Commander user only) is shown on each image as well as the amount of missing Solar Satellites to produce enough energy.
          [OPTION]Name & Details[] Both.

      • [7.1.4|Show unnecessary and useful research levels]
        • [Explanation]
          The color of each [RESEARCH] level is changed:
          [-LIST][RED]Red[]: Below minimum level to enable other buildings/constructions/researches.
          [-LIST][ORANGE]Orange[]: Minimum level isreached, upgrades are still useful.
          [-LIST][GREEN]Green[]: Minimum level is reached, upgrades are not longer useful.

      • [7.1.5|Show resource production summary in Overview]
        • [Explanation]
          Displays information about the resource production in the Overview as following:
          [-LIST][ORANGE](Production per hour)[] - Current resources / Storage capacity
          [-LIST][RED]Full storage[]
          [-LIST][GREEN]time when the storages will be filled up with produced resources[]

      [7.2|Jumpgate] Enable
      • [SETTING]Enable[] enables or disables all features of this subsection.

      • The complete shipname line changes the input value.
      • Opens the Jumpgate again when the cooldown timer is expired.

      • Use the infopanel to view ships and resources on other moons

      • [SHORTCUT]Double click[] Select this target Moon and jump
      • [SHORTCUT]ENTER[] Jump
      • [SHORTCUT]ESC[] Close the [JUMPGATE]
      • [SHORTCUT]F1-F12[] Select the target Moon
      • [SHORTCUT]↑[] Increase the amount in the input field by 1[BR] SHIFT: 10, CTRL: 100, SHIFT+CTRL: 1000
      • [SHORTCUT]↓[] Decrease the amount in the input field by 1[BR] SHIFT: 10, CTRL: 100, SHIFT+CTRL: 1000
      • [SHORTCUT]A[] Select all ships
      • [SHORTCUT]M[] Select the most ships Defined at [SETTING]Select remaining ships and default target Moon[]
      • [SHORTCUT]Q[] Select no ships

      • [7.2.1|Show detail information and target links]
        • [Explanation]
          Detailed information and target coordinates are shown in a list below the headline.

      • [7.2.2|Require selecting a target before you can jump.]
        • [Explanation]
          Select a target before you jump, otherwise the error message [OGAME]No valid target[] is shown.

      • [7.2.3|Hide the confirmation message after jump.]
        • [Explanation]
          The message about the validation of a successful jump will be removed immediately.

      • [7.2.4|Stay on the current Moon after jump]
        • [Explanation]
          After a jump your current position will still be on the same Moon.

      • [7.2.5|'Most ships' lets always remain enough Cargo ships for all resources]
        • [Explanation]
          By clicking on the [SETTING]Select most ships[] button all ships will be selected except the needed amount of Cargo ships to carry all resources on your current moon.
        • [HINT]
          Large Cargo is the default cargo type. If Small Cargo is your preferred cargo type, then they will be selected instead. See setting [SETTING]Fleet - Routines → Routine Plunder[]

      • [7.2.6|Select remaining ships and default target Moon]
        • [Explanation]
          Create a selection of standard values for all moons with the first button.
          [-LIST] The amount of "remaining ships" wont be selected by using the [SETTING]Select most Ships[] button.
          [-LIST] The target Moon is preselected whenever you enter the [JUMPGATE].
          Create a selection of specific values for the current Moon with the following buttons.
          [-LIST] Only the difference to the standard value must be entered.
          [-LIST] With -1 a standard value will be set to 0.

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