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      A noob's guide to the terms used at Ogame

      1. Staff

      Game Staff

      GO - Game Operator: The GOs look after the Universes they are assigned to. They ban accounts, help users with problems and anything else that involves their Universe.
      SGO- Super Game Operator: The SGO looks after the GOs, and complaints can be sent to him. He is responsible for more than one universe. It is the SGO's job to make sure that his GO's are working to a high standard, and that they are enforcing the rules properly and with neutrality.
      GA - Game Administrator: The GA is responsible for the Game. He assigns new GOs and SGOs. He is the link to the programmers.

      List of current Game Staffers: Who is who in the Game Team and pillory links

      Board Staff:

      Mod = Moderator: The Moderators look after the forums they are assigned to. They close, give out warnings and edit threads.
      GMod = Global Moderator: GMods have the rights Moderators have but in all forums. They close, give out warnings and edit threads in all forums.
      Smod = Super Moderator: SMods have the rights Moderators have but in all forums. The SMod takes care of all the Moderators assigned to them. When you have a complaint about a Mod, you may send the complaint to the SMod. SMods now also have the power to ban in emergencies. They can also change your rank and user name.
      BA = Board Admin - Board Administrator: The BAs are responsible for everything concerning assigning Mods and SMods, for making new forums, changing ranks, names and banning users.

      List of current Board Staffers: Whos Who In The Green Team

      CoMa = Community Manager: CoMa is a paid member of GF who looks after the BAs and GAs and makes sure everything is as it should be.

      2. Board Related


      B&C = Bugs and Complaints. Section on board where users can complain. Link: Bugs and Complaints
      B7 = banned
      Diplo section
      = Diplomacy section on board.
      FA = Fan Art. Section on board where artists can present their work. Link: Fan Art
      FAQ = Frequently asked question. Can be found here: FAQs and Guides
      GNN = Galaxy News Network. Place where GNN reporters post monthly reports on the universe, board etc. Link: GNN
      H&Q = Help and questions. A section on board where users can ask questions. Link: Help and Questions
      IBC = In before close (generally used in the Spamboard)
      K = kilo = 1.000 unit
      KK = kilokilo (Millon), 1.000.000 units
      Mil = Million, 1.000.000 units.
      SB = Spamboard. A section on board where players can discuss off topic things in a relaxed environment. Language used there: Welcome Tourists Link to SB: Spamboard
      QATC = Question answered, thread closed. It is used when a question on board (normally in Help and Questions section) has been answered and the moderator closed the thread. Normally used with this smiley: :qatc:

      Wishes to the looser after a Combat Report

      FR = Fast rebuild
      GLOTR = Good luck on the rebuild: Usually written when a player has been HoFed.
      GLiRL = Good luck in real life: Usually written when a player leave OGame after a big.
      RL = Real Life. e.g: "RL is more important than OGame..." (not to be confused with Rocket Launchers)
      WFR = Wicked Fast Rebuild

      Board offenses that result in a warning

      Warnings which expire automatically after 6 months:

      Posthunting = When a user posts only to increase the post count.
      Spam = Posting comments completely unrelated to the topic. (Smiley spam = Posting exaggerated number of smileys.)
      Disregarding of Rules
      = Warning used when user is misuseing the "Reported Posts" button, posting non English words (unless they contain an insult etc) or when discussing bans.

      Warnings for which you have to poke a BA after 6 months if you want to have them removed (if you have no new warnings from then on):

      Trolling = Trolling is the act of purposefully antagonizing other people.
      Breach of Rules = Warning used when a user posts inappropriate words (swearing), is flaming, posting inappropriate images, bypassing board censors or when repeatedly violating the rules. (Flamming = To spam the boards with insults.)
      Insult = Verbally abusing other person.

      3. Game Related


      Acc = Account: Your Ogame account.
      ACS = Alliance Combat System - Feature of some unis where you can combine fleets from different planets and players in one attack. Details: ACS~{Alliance Combat System} Tutorial
      ACS Def - ACS Defend - Mission of defending an ally/buddy when they're attacked.
      Advanced HoF/hit = Any HoF with more than 100 million Total damage.
      Alliance/Ally = A group of players who cooperate ingame.

      Bash = To attack a planet or moon more than allowed. See here: New Game Rules - valid from 17.5.10
      Blind (phalanx/lanx) = Manual calculating and synchronised an attack to hit a fleet on return of any mission type, that the return is not normally phalanxable.
      BO = Build Order - Commonly referred to in newly opened universes, recommending in what order to build and research things on your planet.
      Buguser = Somebody who illegaly profits from a games flaw.
      Bunker = A player's planet with huge defence.

      Cheats = Illegal tacts to profit in-game.
      Cheater = Somebody who uses cheats.
      Col = Colony.
      Counter = counterattack. = To hit a fleet returning from an attack.
      CR = Combat Report
      Crash, hit = Attack someone with the intent to destroy their fleet and harvest the debris field.
      Crashed = To have one’s fleet destroyed.
      Crys = Crystal

      Deut = Deuterium
      Direct Login = A web based tacting to login without using the portal page.

      Elitist = An Elitist is basically someone who thinks that people with more 'power' (e.g. more points in Ogame) are vastly superior to those with less power (or less points.) [Thanks to EDY-innit]

      Farm (Verb)
      = To frequently raid someone’s resources destroying his defence
      Fleetcrash = The act of attacking someone's fleet with the intend to kill off all his/her ships, turning them into debris field to be collected for profit.
      FS = Fleetsave - When a fleet is in the air it can't be crashed. When you send your fleet in order to save it from sitting on the planet and being crashed, it's called fleetsaving. More info: Fleetsaving (version 2)

      GF = GameForge Productions GmbH, Operator company of OGame
      Grav attempt
      = attempt to successfully build enough solar satellites to be able to research Graviton Technology.
      Gravi/Grav = Gravitiation Technology.

      HoF = Hall Of Fame, a fleetcrash with 20% moon chance. (Additional conditions for a HoF: Hall of Fame Rules)
      Hyper Tech = Hyperspace Technology.

      IGN = Ingame name.
      IGRN/IRN = Intergalactic Research Network.
      Imp Drive = Impulse Drive.

      Jumping = The act of moving one’s fleet via a jump gate.

      Kick = To sack someone from an alliance or such.

      Lag = Informatic Delay which cause the game/board to run slower.
      Lanx, scan = Phalanx (noun and verb).
      Legor = Inventor and Coder of OGame.

      Main = Main Alliance/Main Planet.
      Mass Alliance = An alliace of a lot of members (usually 30 or more). Members believe they are very powerful when in big numbers, however, those alliances are usually full of noobs who don't know exactly what they're doing.
      Member = Member of an Alliance.
      = Temporary colony(/ies) for moving your fleet beyond your permanent locations.
      Multi = Having more than one account in one universe (illegal)
      MD = Moon destruction = Popping a moon/Moon Pop - sending a death star(s) with mission to destroy a target moon.
      Merch = Merchant.
      Met = Metal.
      MS = Moonshot - intentionally leaving fleet sitting/having fleet crashed at your planet in order to get a moon.

      NAP = Non-Aggression-Pact or Non-Attacking-Pact: People or Alliances who have a NAP don´t attack each others.
      Ninja = When a players attack is covertly counter attacked. [Verb]=Ninja'd to be victim to a ninja counter attack.
      Noob/Newbie = Somebody who is new to something.
      Number One = The most damaging HoF in the universe (Total Damage)

      Off = Not to be logged in.
      On = To be logged in.

      Phalanx/lanx = (1) Sensor Phalanx (2) To phalanx another’s fleet
      Pillory/Pranger = List of banned players.
      PM = Personal Message.
      PPM = Points Per Member: Average points per member in the alliance statistic view.
      Prod = Production.
      Probe = (1), scan (2) 1. verb - to espionage. noun - an espionage probe. 2. verb - to espionage OR to phalanx. noun - an espionage report.
      Pull = to provide a lower ranked player an unfair advantage. Unlike pushing, legal.
      Push, to = A lower ranked player sending a higher ranked player resources for free. Can be direct or indirect.
      PW = Password
      PWN = Own spelt wrong. A.k.a; 'Punish without negotiation' - to own someone.

      Raid = Attack with the intention to take resources off a planet, not crash.
      RF = Rapid fire
      Res = Resources = The game most important thing, Metal, Crystal and Deuterium. [Sometimes Dark Matter is counted as a res].

      Script = Usually an illegal program that replaces the human actions ingame.
      Server Reset
      = Time when all players are logged out at 3am server time.
      SI = Structural Integrity = Value of Metal and Crystal in ships.
      Sitter = A person who legally takes care of an account that he does not own.
      Super Advanced HoF = Any HoF with more than 1 000 million Total damage.

      TD = Total Damage - the amount of metal + crystal lost in a battle from both sides: Usually found in the HoF titles. e.g: (TD: ~65M) .
      Techs = Battle techs, ie - weapons, shields, and armour.
      Top 10 = The 10 best HoF in the universe (Sorted by Total Damage).

      U/Uni = Universe: Basically, one of the universes in which you play.

      Vac = Vacation Mode
      VMode = Vacation Mode

      Wing = Daughter Alliance

      Playing Styles

      Fleeter = Someone who owns a bigger fleet and uses it in bigger and more hits. Most fleeters only send attacks on big targets (HoF worthy) and don't attack smaller ones.
      Miner = Someone who builds mines only. These players normally only have a fleet of cargos and a couple of rips to fleetsave. They often trade their deut to fleeters.
      Raider = Someone who has a small or average fleet and gain ressource by farming or doing small fleet crashes [or some HoFs].
      Turtle = Someone who builds up high level mines and defence, rather than taking part in the attacking/raiding part of the game - thought by many to be very boring way to play.

      More infor here: Player Types


      Ally-Depot = Alliance depot.
      Crys Mine = Crystal Mine.
      JG = JumpGate. A building used to jump ships from one to other gated moon without using any fuel.
      Lanx = Sensor Phalanx. A building that allows you to see fleet movement on other planets.
      Met Mine = Metal Mine.
      MS = Missile Silo.
      Nani = Nanite factory, a building which halves *ALL* building times - thanks to king-robo-a.
      Robo = Robotics Factory
      Silo = Missile Silo, a building used to build IPM and ABM.

      Fleet and Defence

      RIP = Deathstar, also called "rest in pieces"
      Dest/Dessy = Destroyer - The king of the war ships.
      BB/B = Bomber - Heavy ships used mainly for smashing defence.
      BC = Battlecruiser - Used mainly for fleetcrashes and ninjas.
      BS = Battleships - No debate in it. This is the most used ship in Ogame. All rounder ship.
      Cru/Crus = Cruiser - A ship used primarily in early to mid-early game stages to take out LFs and MLs, due to it's rapidfire.
      HF = Heavy Fighters - Upgrade of an LF.
      LF = Light Fighter - The weakest attack ship used in the game. Very cheap costs to average players and above, used mainly as fodder and moonshot fleet.
      Cycs/Cyclers/Recs/Recys = Recyclers - The ship used to recycle debris left over from Ogame ships. Send to a DF.
      Esp/probe - Espionage probe: A shortened version of Espionage, most commonly used when you have 'been esped'. It's also used to slow fleets in acs unis.
      LC = Large Cargo Ships - Used to transport up to 25k res minus the deut cost.
      SC = Small Cargo Ships - *see LC* Except, the max cargo space is 5k.
      SS/Sat = Solar Satellites
      IPM/nuke = Inter-Planetary Missile: A weapon used in destruction of defence.
      ABM = Anti-Ballistic Missile: The only thing that can destroy an IPM.
      RL = Rocket Launcher: Basic defence system.
      LL = Light Laser: A form of defence.
      HL = Heavy laser:
      GC/Gauss = Gauss Cannon.
      IC/Ion = Ion Cannon.
      PT/Plasma = Plasma Turret.
      SSD = Small Shield Dome
      LSD = Large Shield Dome

      Def = Defence
      Fodder = Defence used to protect the bigger defence by taking the shots from bigger ships thus lessening the chance of the big defence taking a shot. Same for ships.
      Heavies = Stronger ships.

      Galaxy View

      Coords = Coordinates
      DF = Debris Field - The spot you target when you want to collect debris there. DF appear on the galaxy view near the attacked planet when a fleet has been crashed.
      Gal = Galaxy.
      HW = HP = Homeworld.
      Pos = Position
      SS = Solar System.

      Green Name = Weak Players in noob protection.
      Red Name = Strong Players.
      (i) = Inactive = Player who did not log-in for 7 days.
      (I) = Inactive = Player who did not log-in for 28 days.
      (b) = Banned = Banned Players
      (b) = Banned: Banned without vacation mode
      (v) = Vacation: Vacation Mode, the account cant be played or attacked.

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