Choice of browsers and mobile usage

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    • Choice of browsers and mobile usage

      Choice of browsers and mobile usage

      Dear players,

      because of many questions concerning the compatibility of Ogame with different browsers we'd like to inform you about those browser versions which are recommended and supported by us to provide the best possible gaming experience.

      For any normal desktop computer or laptop we support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the Internet Explorer in their latest version.

      Because of a better functionality, additionally their faster release cycles for implementations of new features and elimination of security holes, we recommend to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Using these browsers in their latest version will provide you the best possible game experience and highest functionality for Ogame.

      On any mobile devices we recommend the usage of Firefox for Android or Chrome Mobile (which is available for Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich & iOS 4.3). Both browser will provide you the best possible functionality and high speed at mobile internet.

      To improve the usage on mobile devices, our upcoming update 5.1 will include the possibility to choose between the mobile phone display and normal computer screens. There will be an option available to choose from. As this will be saved via a cookie, you can have both the normal display at your computer screen and the mobile phone display on your smartphone.

      Additionally, we highly recommend to always use the latest version of your browser, especially because of any security holes older versions might have.

      There is no support for other browsers due to their low occurrence or their low usage of Ogame. Of course, we are still keen to eliminate any bugs there, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this all the time.

      Regards, your OGame team.