Announcement OGame 4.0 Information Thread

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    • In this guide i will try to explain some of the new features of the 4.0 version. How to use them and how to understand them.

      The first thing you might notice to 4.0, is the menu list on the left.
      The merchant menu has 4 other sub-menus and there's a new menu called "Shop".
      This new menus and add-ons will speed up the pace of the game and make you addicted to gambling if you're not careful!

      New buttons


      The new merchant is more like OGame's shopping mall. A shopping mall that has all the goodies in the universe
      It contains 4 menus, from which 3 of them are new features.

      The new menus are

      Resouce Market
      Scrap Merchant
      Import / Export

      Resource Market

      The resource market is basically the old merchant, the one that for 3,500 Dark Matter [or if you were lucky from expeditions, for free] will offer you the possibility to exchange one resource type in any of the other two [the limit of how much you can exchange is set on storage capacity of the resources you will exchange it in!]

      The rates offered by the merchant vary between 3:2:1 and 2:1:1.
      If you're not satisfied by the exchange rates, you can always get a new exchange rate, but this will cost you another 3,500 Dark Matter!

      The last merchant you have called will remain active until you have used it's services or changed him, to access a previously called merchant, press this button:


      1. Object you can bid for.

      2. Approximate time left until auction ends/Exact time until the next auction will begin.

      3. Biggest bid up to that moment.

      4. How many people have bidden up to that moment.

      5. Name of the highest bidder.

      A. Select what planet/moon you want to use resources from to bid, or use honor points.

      B. You can use any of the resources you have, the rates will always be 1 Metal to 1.5 Crystal to 3 Deuterium. 1 Honor Point is the equivalent of 100 units of Metal.
      In this boxes you will put the value you want to bid [The "all" button will automatically insert the necessary resources you need for wining the auction [match the current highest bid + 1000 metal].

      C. Here you can see how much you have overbid the highest bidder, the exact amount you are bidding, the minimum amount you can bid and how much you resources you still need to bid.

      D. Is an archive of previous auctions, here you can estimate the value of certain objects during certain times of the day and it's sheer value.

      The auction is probably the most important feature for players that has been introduced in 4.0.

      Be careful though! You don't want to waste all of your resources in the auction house!
      Auctions start every morning at 6AM and end every evening at 11PM.
      Auctions last between 35 and 45 minutes each.
      Time left until auctions end is an estimate of 5 or it's mathematical multiple [20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes...] so you will never exactly know when an auction ends.
      Objects you can bid on are:
      Resource Boosters of all types [Bronze, Silver, Golden] and for all type of resources [Metal, Crystal and Deuterium], these last for 7 days from the moment you activate them and will only affect 1 planet.

      Krakens, Detroids and Newtrons of all types [Golden, Silver and Bronze].
      More details about these items you can find lower where premium items are explained.
      ! If you bid on an object and someone overbids you, the resource you have spent will not be refunded !

      Scrap Merchant

      The Scrap Merchant will buy your ships and defense for a percentage of it's initial costs.

      If you want to get rid of some ships or defensive units, you won't have to crash them into someone else's planet anymore, the scrap merchant will offer you 35% of their value, including Deuterium!

      You can sell as many ships as your storage space will allow you to cash in the resources.

      The Bargain button will increase the percentage of resources you get from selling your ships and defence.
      A bargain will increase the percentage with 5 up to a maximum of 14% every time to a cap of 75% of the ship's cost.
      The first bargains costs 2,000 Dark Matter, each bargain after will have it's costs increased with 2,000 Dark Matter up to 10,000 Dark Matter per bargain.

      Be sure you double check how much resources you will get, if you have enough storage space and what ships you will sell!

      Import / Export

      Import / Export is easy to understand.

      Daily, you have the chance to buy a surprise package.

      This package will contain a premium object [resource booster, kraken, newtron or detroid] which content you will find out only after buying it.

      The object can be bought similar to an auction, exchange rates being 1 - 1.5 3 and honor points being equivalate to 100 metal.

      You can chose to take the object or to try and exchange it with another random object, but this will cost you 500 Dark Matter for a Bronze Item, 1,500 Dark matter for a Silver Item and 4,500 Dark Matter for a Gold Item.
      You can only do this change twice.

      Premium items
      Premium items can be divided into 2 categories:
      Resource boosters

      The resource boosters work for all 3 types of resources.

      It can be activated on one planet and lasts for 7 days [ one day for boosters bought with buddy points].

      These will enhance production on the planet you chose to activate it on.
      Depending on the type of booster you activate, it will increase production by:

      10% for bronze boosters
      20% for silver boosters
      30% for golden boosters
      1. You can't activate two boosters of the same resource on the same planet at once [ex: one 10% metal booster and one 20% metal booster]
      2. You can use all the boosters on the same planet as long as they are not for the same type of resources [ex: one 10% metal booster, one 30% crystal booster and one 10% deuterium booster]
      3. You can own boosters on all of your planets, they work only for the planets they were activated on.
      4. Boosters and the Geologist work together [ex: If you have a 1000/hour production and you buy a Geologist and a golden booster, your mines will work at 140%, producing 1400 resources/hour]
      You can buy boosters with Dark Matter from the store or get them from an auction or by chance from Import / Export.

      Newtron, Kraken & Detroid

      This three new items are interesting folks that will speed up construction times and research times by an exact amount.
      Each one speeds a certain type of unit:

      NEWTRON - Speeds up the building time of a research you are conducting.
      KRAKEN - Speeds up the building time of any mine or facility you are constructing on a certain planet.
      DEDROID - Reduces queue time of fleet and defensive units and ships you are building on a certain planet.

      Similar to boosters, they have 3 levels, golden, silver and bronze, these will reduce construction times by:

      30 minutes for bronze Netwrons, Krakens and Detroids
      2 hours for silver Netwrons, Krakens and Detroids
      6 hours for golden Netwrons, Krakens and Detroids
      Newtrons, Krakens and Detroids can only be found in auctions or by chance in import/export.
      Building and researching in two clicks.
      This new feature allows you to speed up the construction time of a building by 50% of it's initial construction time with every click.
      This new option will allow you to finish a buidling/shipyard queue/research in two clicks, but in exchange, you will have to pay huge Dark Matter fees.
      The first activation will halfen the initial construction time, and the second will finish the buidling/shipyard queue/research
      Every single activation will cost an amount of Dark Matter based on the initial buidling/researching time.
      1. Building X takes 10 days to be built. The first activation will reduce the time to 5 days, and the 2nd activation will reduce the time by 50% of the initial construction time, which is 5 days [not 2.5], meaning, the second activation will finish the construction.
      2. Building x takes 10 days to be built, it still has 6 days until it's done, by activating the feature, it's construction time will be cut by 50% of the initial construction time, 5 days, meaning that the building will be done in 1 day.
      3. Building X that takes 10 days to be built, has 3 days until it's done, activating the feature will finish the building, but the price you pay is the one for a 50% reduction.
      If Krakens, Detroids and Newtrons can be bought with resources, this feature is a premium one and it requires Dark Matter to be used. It needs huge amounts of Dark Matter in order to not be "abused" by players.
      The price is set according to the initial building/research time, but it has minimum and maximum limits:
      Buildings and shipyard queues need a minimum 750 DM up to a maximum of 72,000 DM (exact price is set based on the initial building time).
      Research need a minimum of 750 DM up to a maximum of 108,000 DM (exact price is based on the initial research time).
      Shop and inventory

      If you have no luck bidding at the auction house or import/export, you can always stop at the Shop and buy resource boosters.

      You can buy them with Dark Matter (duration 1 week) or with Buddy points (Duration 1 day).

      When you buy the resource booster, you have two options:

      1. You buy it and put it in the inventory for later use.
      2. You buy it and instantly activate it on the planet you bought it from.

      If you decide to store it, you will find it in "Inventory", under the Shop menu or in your Overview from where you can activate it by a double click or by drag and drop.

      Thanks to Draqshorul (RO), Valent (RO) and NayNay (FR)
      Suggestions and questions - Info: OGame 4.0 Information Thread