Idea for OFriend

    • Idea for OFriend

      Hey everybody. Im looking for a new project (Somewhat a lie, my Ogame Mining optimization needs localization).

      So, im not sure if this has been done or partially done, but my thoughts are these:

      I want to create a site which has some or all of these features:

      - 1 user account should be able to get connected with multiple universes
      - The universes for an account should automaticly get created via ajax calls to the site.

      * Everything below should be done per-universe basis.

      Combat reports
      - It should store combat reports sent over by ajax from the player reading his messages, it should do this without asking every time.
      - It should be able to share combat reports if the users allows it
      - It should be able to create graphs of income per x-time, maybe per day the last 2 weeks or whatever
      - It should NOT be able to create pretty forum-printouts, but maybe link to a site that can.
      - It should be able to lookup fast and east
      - It should be able to show a quick overview of last attacks
      - It should maybe be able to warn a player via ajax that he is about to attack the 7th(and bannable) time in the last 24 hours.
      - .... [Im sure i forgot stuff]

      Spy reports
      - It should be able to send these via ajax aswell
      - It should be able to share them if wanted by the user
      - It should be able to quicky find them by playername, coord, whatever.
      - [....]

      The idea:
      Based on the above information, it should be possible to create a list of inactives with the potentially most profit.

      I mean, if I know at time X they had M metal, C crystal and D deut, they should now have X*Metal-production + M metal, and so forth, ofcourse with respect to storage-units.

      From the above information (and maybe using my mining-information from my other tool), could take this potention resources / time-to-fly and thereby create a type of benchmark and list the inactives by that.

      - It should be able to create a sort of loot/time-spent ordered list of inactives.

      From having such a framework, there would be a lot of natural extensions, full-detailed expedition-statistics for one.

      IF this has not been done (properly), I'd love to discuss architecture and implementation with people here on the forum.
      And ofc collaborate on the project if anyone finds it interesting.

    • Hello,

      Looks like a lot of work. Preferably you should move this thread to the public tools board to find more interested people for it. In the Origin tools team are only those developer with at least one tolereted tool (or ongoing development)

      Welcome for this good brainstorming )