Expeditions hold time in speed unis

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    • Expeditions hold time in speed unis

      You've changed allot in the balancing of expos, I like how they are not so profitable at the start of an uni anymore, making it more fair for players that are not as lucky as others, at the start.

      Too bad you removed the bonus value for heavy fighters but I assume this was intended.

      The problem I have is for speed unis as expos are unbalanced vs. 1x speed unis there. Changes needed to fix this:
      1. The drop down lables for hold time must be divided by speed, maybe show minutes or decimal fractions.
      2. The actual hold time.
      3. The amount of DM returned, you might want to give less.
      4. Optional: Hold time of ACS defend, though this hardly influences game play.
      5. Recovery time of the slots, likely already OK.

      I know that hold time used to be reduced but not quite 2 years ago this was changed, mainly because it was inconsistent with the lbl on the drop downs. Please bring this back, 15min hold times in 4x speed would be more balanced.