Announcement OGame 3.0 Information Thread

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    • OGame 3.0 Information Thread

      OGame 3.0 brings some innovations with it. This thread should serve to explain the most important innovations, list Bugs known bugs and problems, answer some difficult questions and show up possible future changes.
      The bigger part of the following content origins from the PDF of WeTeHa.

      New Highscores
      • Economy Highscore

        The economy highscore considers the built resources for buildings and defensive structures, and 50% of the built resources for civil ships, phalanxes and jump gates.

      • Military Highscore

        The military highscore is an important part of the new noob protection, that now also considers the built resources for combat ships and defensive structures (including Anti-Ballistic and Interplanetary Missiles), as well as 50% of the cost of civil ships, phalanxes and jump gates.

        The military highscore has the following subdivision:
        • built resource points
        • destroyed resource points
        • lost resource points
        • honour points
        By including all tactical units, the strength of an opponent becomes more evident. This is an objective of the new ranking.

      New Noob Protection

      • One of the most important changes in OGame 3.0 is the new noob protection. The noob protection does not end at 5.000 points like before, but is made a bit more complex. For the active noob protection there are different configurations depending on the universe.

      • For old Universes (all currently existing universes) there is applied:
        The active noob protections ends at 50.000 points. It is divided into two parts
        • 0 to 10.000 points: general protection with a 1:5 ratio
        • 10.000 to 50.000 points: general protection with a 1:10 ratio
      • For new Universes (upcoming, currently not existing universes ) there is applied:
        The active noob protections ends at 500.000 points. It is divided into two parts
        • 0 to 50.000 points: general protection with a 1:5 ratio
        • 50.000 to 500.000 points: general protection with a 1:10 ratio
      • In addition to the general noob protection that only refers to the point-ratio of the players, there are further cases in which the new noob protection is not active.
        These cases are valid in old as well as in new universes:
        • Within the military highscore every player, who is 100 or less positions behind the respective player or has more than 50% of the respective players military points, can be attacked.
        • After 7 days of inactivity the noob protection gets lost (until the next login).
        • Players in noob protection loose their protection for 7 days when they attack strong players (red in galaxy view with an '(s)' behind the name). This is called "outlaw". Outlawed players are violet in the galaxy view and have an '(o)' behind their name.
      • [spoiler=Example]New Universe:
        You are ranked 1 in general and military highscore and you have 4 million points. With the new system you can attack every player who has at least 400.000 and every player with more than 500.000 points, each player who is at least ranked 100 in military highscore and all inactive players.
        In addition, you can attack players who lost their protection by own fault (outlaw).[/spoiler]

      Tactical Retreat
      • When attacked by a superior opponent the own fleet can flee from fight in certain cases:
        • Off/From a 5:1 power ratio of the ships in fight a fleet can retreat. Thereby the Units of the attacking ships are compared to the units of the defender.
        • Admiral users can set a lower power ratio (3:1) at which the own fleet can retreat from battle. It can be set in the fleet menu at "Tactical retreat".
        • Defensive structures will not be taken into account for the calculation of the units, civil ships only count for 25% (rounded).
        • Units of fleet at ACS attack or ACS defend are added up.
        • Tactical retreat runs automatically in the moment of fight and needs 1,5 times as much deuterium as the fleet would need for a flight to the neighbouring position (Attention: Deuterium must be available).
        • After retreat the fleet is instantly available again.
        • Deathstars, Espionage Probes, Solar Satellites and fleets at ACS defend can not retreat.
        • For moonshots and similar things, tactical retreat can be deactivated in the fleet menu.
      • There are also some cases in which tactical retreat does not take place:
        • Tactical retreat is linked with noob protection and ends at 500.000 points (in old universes 50.000 points).
        • Fleets from inactive player don't escapes.
        • In honourable fights the fleet can not retreat (see below for honourable fights).
        • Fleets can only retreat completely. If there is a lack of deuterium, no ship can retreat.

      • Additional notes:

        • In the current version 3.0 the option for setting retreat behaviour is available even if the player is not in noob protection anymore and tactical retreat is not possible. Please don't get irritated by that.
        • As attacking player the option "Return upon retreat by defenders" can be activated in fleet menu III. If the fleet of the defender retreats, your own fleet also retreats and no fight takes place.

      Den (Hideouts)-- Removed from the game in version 6.0
      • Each resource gains an underground den, that is not visible at the planet view, but needs one field for each level. The dens protect a small amount of resources from loot. Dens mainly have an effect at the beginning of a universe and help inexperienced players to protect from early raids.

        In Espionage reports neither the dens nor the hidden resources are visible. With an attack one still gets all that could be seen and calculated.

      Honour Points (HP)
      • One sub-item of the military highscore are honour points. When fighting against other players, under certain conditions (see below) one can gain or loose honour points. Honour points will imply titles as well as advantages and disadvantages.
        In ACS, honour points will be assigned or subtracted proportionately.

        Honour points are earned by fighting stronger or equal players (in military points), the defender can not loose HP. When fighting against a disproportionately weak player one will lose honour points. Thereby the destruction of military ships (not civil ships) and defensive structures will be evaluated.

        The amount of honour points received or lost in a fight is shown in the combat report. Attacking buddies or alliance members do not bring or lose honour points. The defender can not lose honour points.

        [spoiler=Formula]Player caprica six has found a working formula for honour points:
        HP = (destroyed units ^ 0.9) / 1000 (rounded down)[/spoiler]
      • Ranks

        With the new version a player can achieve ranks. The rank of a player is shown by a symbol next to their name in galaxy view and statistics. There are 6 different ranks that can be achieved with the following conditions:

        1. Grand Emperor: Top 10 of the honour points table and at least 15,000 HP
        2. Emperor: Top 100 of the honour points table and at least 2500 HP
        3. Star Lord: Top 250 of the honour points table and at least 500 HP
        4. Bandit: Low 250 of the honour points table and at least -500 HP
        5. Bandit Lord: Low 100 of the honour points table and at least -2500 HP
        6. Bandit King: Low 10 of the honour points table and at least -15,000 HP
        At the moment the first three ranks don't bring any advantages or disadvantages. However, Bandit ranks bring disadvantages (see below).

      Honourable and Dishonourable Fights
      • One of the most important but also most complex changes of version 3.0 are honourable and dishonourable fights. In honourable fights one gains honour points, in dishonourable fights one can loose some. If a target is honourable or not can be seen in galaxy view. An honourable target is marked yellow with a '(hp)' behind the name. All unmarked players are dishonourable targets.
      • Honourable Fights

        If one of the following conditions is fulfilled, the fight is honourable:
        • At the moment of the fight the attacker has fewer military points than the target
        • If the attacker has more military points than his target, he must fulfil one of the following:
          - At the moment of fight the target has more than 50% of the attackers military points
          - At the moment of fight the target only has up to 10 military points less than the attacker
          - At the moment of fight the target is no more than 100 military ranks behind the attacker
          - At the moment of fight the target has a bandit rank.
      • Dishonourable Fights

        If no condition for an honourable fight is fulfilled, the fight will be dishonourable.
      • Neutral Fights

        Attacks on buddies, alliance members and inactive players are neutral fights. That means one can neither gain nor lose honour points. Especially for moonshots this should prevent disadvantages in the honour point ranking. For alliance members and buddies this is only active for 1 on 1 fights. If any of the players involved aren't in the alliance then the fight won't be neutral.

        [spoiler=Note:]At the moment it is also possible to receive and lose honour points in solo-attacks on buddies or alliance members. Therefore the attack must be an ACS with your own fleet. As delaying fleets is often necessary for moonshots, this effect is not bug using.[/spoiler]
      • ACS Fights

        An ACS fight is honourable if:
        • At the moment of the fight the defender's military points are not less than 50% of the total military points of all the attackers.
        • One of the targets has a bandit rank.

        An ACS Defense is honourable if:
        • At the moment of fight the defenders military points are lower than 50% of the total military points of all attackers.
        • One of the attackers has a bandit rank.
        If one of the conditions for an honourable ACS fight is not fulfilled, the fight is dishonourable.
        Honour points are only received or lost by the players that contribute more than 1% of the fleet in fight. Honour points will be distributed to the ACS members by the used fleet strength.
        Attention: All ACS members will receive OR lose honour points.If the target is honourable for one member and is dishonourable for another, both players will lose HP.

      • Effects (advantages / disadvantages)
        • For honourable fights one will get more resources. The loot protection of 50% goes down to 25%. That means 75% of the available resources can be looted.
        • When attacking a player with bandit rank, 100% of the available resources can be looted. Bandits do not have loot protection, not even against other bandits.
        • When attacking dishonourable targets 50% of the resources can still be looted.

      Other Changes
      • Terraformer: The formula for the terraformer has been changed. At every second level it gives one additional field. For example: A level 10 terraformer gives 5 more fields than before.
      • Highscore Update: Highscore is updated every 5 minutes.
      • Delete Script: Destroyed planets, moons and empty debris fields are deleted at 3.00 AM at server reset.
      Known Bugs
      Like other versions, this one also has some bugs. Known are:
      • Expedition bug: Expeditions barely bring ships or resources.
        [Status: In progress]
      • Timeout: 15 minutes after every full hour there are short timeouts (lag).
        [Status: In progress]
      • Game behaviour: The behaviour of the activity star.
        [Status: In progress]

      Possible Changes
      • Decision if ships of bandits will go into DF with 30% or 50% is still pending.
      • Behaviour of the activity star could strongly change.
      • Dens do not need planet fields - coming soon.

      FAQ - Special Questions
      • Is an attack on outlawed players honourable?
        Outlaws are, except for being attackable, normal players. That means attacking them will be rated by the normal criteria for honourable and dishonourable fights. So honour points can be received or lost depending on own strength. The fleet of an outlawed player can also retreat.

      • How do I know how much resources I'll get?
        • 50% of the resources can be looted when attacking a dishonourable or neutral target. Neutral targets are alliance members or buddies. Dishonourable targets are all players without special markings.
        • 75% of the resources can be looted when attacking an honourable target. Honourable targets are yellow in galaxy view and have a '(hp)' behind their name.
        • 100% of the resources can be looted when attacking bandits. Bandits have a red insignia next to their name in galaxy view.
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