Noob Protection - Tutorial

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    • Noob Protection - Tutorial

      Noob Protection - Tutorial (normal settings)

        1. Players with 0-50k points - 1:5 protection (Old universes 0-5k points)
        2. Players with 50k-500k points - 1:10 protection (Old universes 5-50k points)
        3. Fleet escape with 5:1 ratio possible within given limits of noob protection - No fleet escape above 500k points (Old universes above 50k points)
          ○Admiral change ratio to 3:1
        4. Within the military - highscore each player can attack those up to 100 places below themselves, and those with more than 50% of their own military points.
        5. Outside the limits (general protection and military highscore), strong players can not attack weaker players.
        6. Weak players lose their protection for 7 days if they attack too strong players (outlaw status).
        7. The newbie protection is lost after 7 days of inactivity (until the next login).

      • Example:
        You're No. 1 in total and military - highscore and have 4 million points. With our new system you can now attack all players with at least 400k points, all the players till rank 100 of our military ranking and all inactive players. Moreover, even players who have lost their protection due to personal negligence.

      Military - Highsore

      • The military - highscore is an important part of the newbie protection, which now considers used resources for combat ships and defensive structures (including anti-ballistic and interplanetary missiles), and percentage of the costs of civil ships, phalanxes and jump gates.

        Following sections are given:

        1. built resource points
        2. destroyed resource points
        3. lost resource points

        By the inclusion of all tactical units, the strength of an enemy will become more apparent.

      Protection of ships and resources:

      • With the implementation of the new newbie protection you get the chance to secure your resources and ships to a certain extent against attacks of powerful opponents. This includes the implementation of the three dens and the possible automatic escape of your fleet.

      • Dens:
        Every resource receives an underground hiding place, which aren't visible on the planet, but need a construction lot. The den automatically secures a small portion of your existing resources against raids.

        The dens and protected resources aren't shown in espionage reports. So what you see in the report is what you can get from the planet.

      • Fleet escape:
        If you are attacked by a superior opponent, the fleet can escape from the attack. In summary this means:

        1. From a ratio of 5:1 of fleets in combats on the fleet is able to escape
          ○In honorable combats a fleet can not escape.
          ○Outside the limits of the newbie protection a fleet can not escape.
        2. ACS attacks and deployed fleets are considered figured up.
        3. Defense is not taken into account, civil ships only with 25% (rounded down).
        4. The escape automatically takes place at the time of combat. The cost of the flight is 1.5 times greater than what it would normally cost the fleet to fly to the neighbouring position.position.
          ○After a combat, the fleet is immediately available again.
          ○Resources won't be saved.
        5. Fleets can only escape completely. If there isn't enough deuterium, no ship can escape.
          ○Death Stars, espionage probes, solar satellites and holding fleets can not escape.
        6. The escape can be disabled (e.g. to receive moon shots)
        7. Users of the admiral can use a better ratio for their fleet escape (3:1). However, this also ends at the upper limit of the newbie protection.
        8. Attackers can command their fleet to return without combat if the defender's fleet escapes.

      Honor Points:

      • In combats against active players you can receive or lose honour points under certain conditions, which will offer special titles and their (dis-)advantages. For example higher loot or the loss of your noob protection. Honour points gained in ACS are awarded or deducted pro rata.

        Honour points are obtained mainly in the combat against equal or stronger players, the defender can not lose honour points. In a combat against disproportionately weak players you can lose honour points. This considers the destruction of military ships (not civil ships), and the final destruction of defense (not for repaired defense!).

        The honour points are listed as part of the military - ranking. Inactive players are hidden from this ranking. Here you can gain the following titles:

        1. Top 10 of the honor points table (at least 15,000 EP): Grand Emperor
        2. Top 100 of the honor points table (at least 2500 EP): Emperor
        3. Top 250 of the honor points table (at least 500 EP): Star Lord
        4. ...
        5. Low 250 of the honor points table (at least -500 EP): Bandit
        6. Low 100 of the honor points table (at least -2500 EP): Bandit Lord
        7. Low 10 of the honor points table (at least -15 000 EP): Bandit King

        Those titles are shown as an icon in the ranking and the galaxy view.

      • Honourable Combats:

        Each of the following conditions can trigger an honourable fight:

        1. The attacker has less military points than the defender at the time the combat takes place.
        2. The attacker has more military points than the defender within special limits.
        3. At the time of the combat the target is ranked as a Bandit (Low 250).

        Attackers can start honourable combats against all players with more total points. Players with less points needs to fulfil one of the following conditions:
        1. The target has more than 50% of my own military points.
        2. The target has not more than 10 military points less than me.
        3. The target is not more than 100 military ranks behind me.

      • Neutral Combats:

        Combats against alliance members, buddies or inactive players are counted as neutral. This is intended especially for moon shots to avert disadvantage within the honour points ranking. Neutral combats takes place only if all participants are from the same alliance or buddies of each other.

      • ACS Combats:

        ACS combat is honourable, if:

        • Total military points of defender not less than 50% of total military points of attacker.
        • AND no defender is a bandit.

        In ACS defend a combat is honourable, if:

        1. Total military points of defending fleets less than 50% of total military points of attacking fleets.
        2. OR at least one of the attackers is a bandit.

        A player can earn or lose honour points if he has at least 1% of all ships in combat. In honourabe combats you will earn more res since the res protection is changed to 25% (instead of 50% you will get 75%).

      • Dishonourable combats:

        A combat will be dishonourable if all of the following requirements applies:

        1. Target less than 50% of attackers military points.
        2. Target more than 10 military points distance to attacker (useful during beginning phase of a new universe).
        3. Target not more than 100 military ranks behind attacker.
        4. Target not part of Low 100 in honour ranking.

        Through dishonourable combats you can lose honour points. Thereby destroyed defense, phalanx / jump gates and captured res will be considered with 50%.

        The defender can earn honour points in combats against very strong players out of the caused damage. Thereby all destroyed ships (civil ships with 50%) as well as losses of own ships and defense will be considered.


      • Following other changes will be given:

        1. Ranking will be updated every 5 minutes (not completely live anymore).
        2. Changed formula of terraformer:
          ○Every 2 level one bonus field -> for example 5 more fields at lvl 10
        3. In combat report the honour points and flight behaviour will be shown.
        4. Combats against Bandits are *always* honourable. That’s why fleets of Bandits are not able to escape and Bandits lose their complete res protection (-> attack against Bandit will take 100% of res in first attack).

      Planned changes:

      • The following changes are already planned for future versions:

        1. larger debris field possible in combats with Bandits
        2. Dens won´t need a building lot anymore
        3. additional advantages for honour points
        4. alliance members and buddies won´t be considered within the next 100 military ranks to offer more targets
    • New server explanation graphics

      New server explanation graphics
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    • Old server explanation graphics

      Old server explanation graphics
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