Probability of destruction in mines and buildings

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  • Probability of destruction in mines and buildings

    Breaking the habits that exist here, to propose ideas for small changes in Ogame, bring an radical idea that could give balance to Ogame :D .
    And this is the ability to destroy enemy buildings and mines, please read before comment :!: .

    We all know the moon can be destroyed by the death star, the point is to do the same but with bombers, i mean, whenever exist bombers involved in a battle, there is a small probability to destroy enemy buildings and mines. This is the general idea, now the questions :) .

    Why the bomber?
    we all know that the bomber as the heavy fighter, had fallen into disuse ;( .Today there are big fleets with small amounts of these ships (bombers and heavy fighters), this idea could give the possibility to use this ship (the bomber) a little more ;) .

    just need to give more use to the heavy fighter, increasing or decreasing rapid fire of this ship or other ships, but that is another idea :P .

    based on the description of the bomber, said that this ship uses laser-guided targeting equipment and Plasma Bombs, which are perfect for destroying buildings and constructions with greater precision than other ships :arrow: .

    How this works?

    by sending a Death Star to destroy a moon, there is a probability of destruction, which increases if we send more Death Stars :rolleyes: .
    the same would be for the bombers, but applied in hundreds of them, i mean if we send only 1 bomber, the probability would be very low or even zero, could also have a probability of destruction of the bombers :arrow: .

    Another details
    • destruction is by level, suppose we have Nanite Factory level 6 and the destruction of the factory is successful Nanite Factory down 1 level and remain at level 5, not zero (destruction by level) ;) .
    • for the probability of destruction could be based on the level of construction or building, i mean, it will not be the same, try to lower the level of a metal mine at level 35 and a metal mine at level 30, metal mine level 35 obviously was harder to destroy :D .
    • When we send bombers to destroy mines or buildings may have the option of selecting the priority (Fusion Reactor, Cristal Mine, Shipyard, Sensor Phalanx, etc).
    • There will be buildings that can not be destroyed, as is the case of the lunar base and Terraformer for obvious reasons ^^ .
    • Each building will have a different probability of destruction, is not the same a metal mine level 30 and a crystal mine level 30, calculating the probability of destruction will also include the cost of mine or build.
    I know many will say :P :

    What's next? destruction of planets, research :?: .
    well the planets are too large to be destroyed and researches involving knowledge, I mean are intangible and therefore can not be destroyed.
    Understand that this idea is aimed at maintaining a balance between the players, this would eliminate the large differences between the tops, encourage the cooperation among players, there would be more competitive and one universe and would give much more life to the universe, there will be no typical top 1 that destroys everything :blackeye: .

    sorry for my ban english I hope you understand the proposal ^^
    then, what do you think?
  • Besides the fact, that such an idea will probably never be implemented..
    What is my benefit, if I destroy another players buildings? Just for fun?
    If I don't get any ressources by doing so, why should I waste my slots und waste my time for such a mission?
  • No, i don't like this. The balancing problem is obvious: If somebody doen't like you now, he can bash your defense, kill your fleet and (in most times) already stop your production by killing all satellites every day. That is enough. Also destroying buildings is just too much consindered how hard it is to build up a Nanite8 or a Metalmine 40.

    If destroying it would be anywhere related to what it costs to build it - and that would be the only way you could implement this feature fair - it would be nearly impossible to destroy buildings. And that would lead this whole discussion in a dead end. One of ogames mainfeatures are the buildings and the tremendous resources and logistic efford to build them. You just can't make it possible to destroy a Level42 Metalmine.

  • i dont like the idea much, as stated before me, already u can stop someone from producing resources by killing sats each day, bashing defense, capping moons, killing fleet ( if u managed to etc.. ) destruction of buildings and mines is a bit overpowering for some ppl ;)
    i can build right now about in my account an insane amount of bombers, start killing buildings like cray ;)
    it isnt a practical option even if you put that the possibility is low, and also, whats the return from destroying them ? i can keep bashing and it would be at lower cost since i wont risk losing my bombers on destruction mission.

    it isnt practical at all, and GF wont implement this anw.