Bugs and Workarounds v3.0.1 - outdated

  • Bugs and Workarounds v3.0.1 - outdated

    Bugs and Workarounds

    • Fixed in version xx
    • Anticipated to be fixed in xx
    • Old bug that may still exist, but not confirmed

    Portal Page
    • Portal: Universe Distinctions not up-to-date
      For some communities this list isn't up-to-date, poke your Admins/CoMa to get any necessary additions made.

    • Gameforge Portal: Player ranking incorrect - Fixed in v3.1
      The player's ranking shown on the Gameforge portal isn't updated properly so appears incorrect.

    Ingame General
    • Merchant: Resources not updated after using merchant - Fixed in v3.1
      After using the Merchant the amount of resources shown at the top of the page isn't fully updated until you refresh the page.

    • Lag: Lag on the hour and 15mins after - Fixed in v3.1
      Some users experience lag at 00:00 and every 15 minutes afterwards.

    • Vacation Mode: Wrong behaviour for deleted moons - Fixed in v4.0
      Deleted moons are owned by "Space", but when the player at the co-ordinate goes into vacation mode, the moon is protected.

    • Activity Marker: Own activity not shown for currently active planet/moon - Fixed in v3.1
      In galaxy view you can see your own activity, but this isn't shown for the currently active planet/moon.

    • Menu Icon: Fleet Secondary Icon not deactivated
      Menu icons without purpose (eg. facilities icon with no Jumpgate), are deactivated. But the Fleet icon with no fleet movement instead forwards to the normal fleet screen.

    • BBCode: [ b ] not working properly - Fixed in v3.1
      In some places Bold BBCode doesn't function, for example internal alliance page.

    • General: Planet/Player names with only blank chars - Fixed in v3.1
      It's possible to have planet/player names with nothing but blank characters.

    • Alliance: Sort by join date in the Memberlist - Fixed in v3.1
      In the Alliance menu, sort by join date doesn't work correctly in the Memberlist.

    • Research: Error in resource calculation for cancellation
      Cancelling research on a different planet to the start planet can cause a loss in production resources.

    • Moon Destruction: Incorrect Fleet behaviour - Fixed in v3.1
      When a moon is destroyed, fleets heading to and from the destroyed moon don't react in the intended fashion

    • ACS: Incorrect behaviour for fleet delay
      When you delay an ACS attack, you also delay the return of any recalled fleets from the ACS mission.

    • General: Honour Point Rank missing from Fleet page - Fixed in v3.1
      Honour Point Rank Icon missing from the player name in fleet page 2 & 3.

    • Galaxy: Special characters display bug - Fixed in v3.1
      If a planet name contains special characters like Arabian chars, the time on the Planet (last activity), is displayed on the left side of the planet name instead of the right side.

    • Galaxy: Own title icon not shown in galaxy view - Fixed in v3.1
      In Galaxy view your own honour points title icon isn't shown.

    • RSS Feed: Combat Report Messages - Needs checking
      Combat reports are not shown within the rss feed, they are blank or you only see what amount of resources you got. But what ships are fighting is missing.

    • RSS Feed: Game Operator Messages - Needs checking
      Messages sent by GOs are not deleted from the feed if you delete them ingame and within the recycle bin folder.

    Messages - A complete new message system is planned
    • Messages: Sporadic wrong activities in espionage reports
      Occasionally the displayed activity in an espionage report doesn't match up with what should be seen.
      Eg. In the first scan at 16:10:21 it shows "activity 26 min ago" and in the second scan at 16:32:12 it shows "no activity in the last hour".

    • Messages: Paging forward is incorrect after 71 messages.
      After 71 messages the numbers in the pagefunction in the message view is incorrect. Notwithstanding the messagesnumber > 71 it just goes to 71 only. All following messages (that means message 72 to xx) show the numbers "1 to 71". Using the "next" and "back" buttons brings you back to the messages overview.

    • Messages: Restoration of messages requires two steps
      When clicking the restore button for a message in the recycle bin there's no immediate effect. Because of this a second click or refresh is necessary:
      1. Click: Message moves to the inbox but still shows in the recycle bin.
      2. Click (or page refresh): Message is removed from the recycle bin and is finally visible in the inbox.

    • Messages: Wrong date on messages received from Game Operators
      Messages received from Game Staff have the date 01/01/1970 (linux time zero), so they don't get deleted by the system.

    • Messages: 65535 New Messages
      Messages received from Game Staff sometimes causes "65535 New Messages", simply re-logging into account should clear the error.

    • Messages: Problem with RTL text for planet names in messages Anticipated for v4.0
      If a planet name contains special characters like Arabian chars, the planet name appears on the wrong side of the coordinates.

    • Combat Report: Wrong size of DF shown in combat report
      Occasionally the wrong df is shown at the bottom of the combat report, the correct df is still produced in galaxy view (simple rounding issue).
      Eg. 7.699.999 crystal shown.

    • ACS: Multiple messages for HP rank change during ACS with yourself - Fixed in v3.1
      If your Honour Rank changes during an ACS attack where you contribute more than one fleet, you get multiple messages about it.

    • Expedition: Combats reports show a debris field
      If an Expedition is attacked by Aliens/Pirates and ships are destroyed then the report lists a debris field, however no debris field can be found/recovered.
      (Ideally the debris field section of the combat report should be omitted.)

    • Highscore: Autofocus partially broken - Fixed in v3.1
      For players ranked towards the bottom of the highscore list, the page doesn't autofocus on your position correctly.

    • Highscore: Banned players shown in ranking - Fixed in v3.1
      Banned players aren't always removed from the ranking.

    • Highscore: "Space" shown in ranking - Fixed in v3.1
      Player "space" is sometimes shown in the highscore ranking.

    • Highscore: Page selection lost when changing Military Point subcategory - Fixed in v3.1
      When changing between the Military Point subcategories the page selection can be lost.

    • Highscore: Rank progression not tracked properly - Fixed in v3.1
      When you move up and down ranks the progression isn't tracked properly in the up/down arrows.

    Single points
    • Jumpgate: Activity when using jumpgate - Fixed in v4.0
      Activity doesn't show on the target moon when using the jumpgate.

    • Battlesystem: Draw despite Superiority - Needs checking, probably fixed
      Very rarely the battle randomly and sporadically ends with a draw before the 6th round.

    • Battlesystem: Negative Firepower
      For some really big combats sometimes the combat report will result in negative firepower.
      eg. The attacking fleet fires 5.503.242 times at the defender, with a total firepower of - The defender's shields absorb 334.463.389 damage points.

    • ACS Attack: Missing Honour Points Rule for solo ACS attacks - Fixed in v3.1
      If you ACS with yourself then the "within 100 military ranks" rule isn't counted, so a player appearing as honourable isn't when attacked by ACS.

    • Honour Points: Defense influence on honour points partially broken - Fixed in v3.1
      The amount of defense doesn't influence the split of HP between the defenders correctly.

    • Honour Points: All defense included in the HP calculation - Fixed in v3.1
      All defense destroyed in the battle is included in the HP calculation, however only completely destroyed defense should be included.

    • Buddy Invite: Invite friend placement not great - Improved in v4.0
      When you invite a friend to the game, they should be placed close to your own planet, but the system doesn't handle this very well.

    • Pillory: The title uses the server number instead of the name
      The title in the pillory has the server id in place of the name of the uni.
      Eg. Universe 105 instead of Electra

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