[Possible BUG] Temperature has not effect in Deuterium Production

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    • [Possible BUG] Temperature has not effect in Deuterium Production

      Hi everyone.

      I'm KingOfStars and I'm from Spain community. I apologize if there are some mistakes in my post.

      I'm playing in Origin and Bermuda. I have choosen Discoverer Class in Origin and Collerctor in Bermuda and some days ago, I noticed that in my planets of my two accounts, the Temperature hasn't been having an effect in the Deuterium Production. For example: in Origin I have a Deuterium Synthesizer in 12th level in my Homeworld, the maximum temperature is 52°C and muy Deuterium production is 903. In my second planet, the maximum temperature is 39°C and for the same Deuterium Synthesizer level, the production is also 903.

      I noticed that, because I have an Excel's book with the productions of my differents accounts and I started to update it, and I saw that the Deuterium Production's numbers weren't coinciding with the numbers from the game in both universes. I tried to deduct a new formula (*) and I obtained that the temperature didn't have an effect. I tried it in my differents planets of my different accounts and it was working well. After, I talked about it in my community board and some people said that they had have the same problem but another group said that their accounts didn't have problems with their accounts and the Temperature has an effect in their productions.

      I hope that you can fix the problem.



      "(*) Formulas"

      Current Production
      [Universe Speed] * 10 * [Deuterium Synthesizer Level] * 1.1[Deuterium Synthesizer Level] * (1.44 - 0.004 * [Maximum Temperature of Planet])

      Formula that I deducted with my Origin and Bermuda accounts:
      [Universe Speed] * 10 * [Deuterium Synthesizer Level] * 1.1[Deuterium Synthesizer Level] * 1.2

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    • The temperature factor is rounded down as you have already deducted. This is a bug in v7. Therefore 36 ° - 59 °C planets behave like a 60 °C planet. Same is true for 10 °C - 34 °C planets, they are like 35 °C planets (Temp Factor = 1.3). Only every 25 °C the production rate changes.