Laser technology cuts research time

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    • Laser technology cuts research time

      This is a suggestion, that I had in mind for a few months. Since laser technology has no long term effect so far, it is essentially useless after researched to level 12.
      So I was thinking, where lasers are used commonly in today's research. And without much thinking I realized they are commonly used everywhere.
      From detecting gravitational waves and thus tiny ribbles in spacetime to exact measurements of distances, gravitational fields, time and so forth. They are very widely used in almost every, if not every field of modern day science and medicine. And this is very unlikely to change in the near or even far future. They will probably always be a huge part of future discoveries.

      So I thought it made the most sense for the laser technology in-game to be a cut in research time. The text that might explain this in-game that I have come up with so far is this:

      "Since researched it is known, that laser find their application in every field. From detecting gravitational phenomena to a deeper understanding of the behaviour of higher dimensional surfaces.

      The development of laser technology is thus capable of reducing research times immensely. Every level of this research thus reduces research time by 1%."

      Now, I do know, that the very early levels of laser technology are very cheap! So 1% would decrease research time immensely. This was just something of the top of my head, and I would be very happy if it be just 0.5%.
      In the late game, this would make research possible to much higher levels, since a 15-20% decrease, would make a huge impact on researches that take multiple weeks to finish.
      It would also give laser technology a reasonable and useful add-on to the rest, it already does.

      Edit: I just realized there already exists a thread discussing exactly this.

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