live api for mobile app

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    • live api for mobile app

      well, as I'm a veteran back from mid-2000s when old plain html4 tables were used (at users could configure thier own "skin") I really wonder why ogame still doesn't got an official mobile app
      when lookin android play store there's an unofficial developed by a hobiest player
      as this forum seems a bit not so active I'd like to ask before I request an api key: are we still limited to fixed update rate XML files or is the some sort of live json api can be used by like Java to develop a mobile app
      why? to be honest: as the setting for mobile style doesn't get saved and reset each login it's still not really easy useable on mobile (at least not on my Xperia z5 premium) as it's just an upscaled version with a bit bigger buttons a bit different layout
      so I'd like to dev an app (well, first a desktop java code wich then gets ported to android) with a bit more useable mobile layout
      don't get me wrong - it's maybe fine on 10in tablet - but even 6in phone is still to small

      I ask for an official api as it would easy to just mis-use a web-engine lib to just parse the "normal" site - but I know it's against the rules and one could be punished/banned for using such (as it's some like auto polling - wich is prohibited by rules)
      also - the availble XML api only allow to retrieve highscore meta data but doesn't allow interaction like "ok, upgrade metal mine" or "start research X" or "build x ships" - is there some avail like this? - and how does it this unofficial app? is it even allowed or this it use some not allowed stuff like fake a browser?

      all pretty fishy - and as said: I'm wondered that there's no official mobile app ...