"Request for help" to Alliance member when attacked

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    • "Request for help" to Alliance member when attacked

      A button Request of help when attacked would greatly emphasize ACS defend :jsheep:

      This button could allow a player to send a message to alliance members with attacking fleet composition and a willingly sent espionnage report of planet being attacked (defenses, stationary fleet, researches).

      The main steps could the same as when sharing an espionage or combat report, so it is easy to implement for GF.

      How this would work if you are being attacked:

      1. Click on attack alert symbol (cf. red zone in screenshot below)
        - same pop-up as "share message" will open
      2. Select alliance members or recipient ranks, and write a comment (same as share message)
        - the message sent looks like a combat report that hasn't been simulated (no loss or debris size)
        - an API link is available for combat simulation

      3. Designated Alliance members will received a message in Communication>Information
      4. Thanks to the API link, they will be able to simulate if they are in position to help in time and/or discuss on alliance chat the best strategy to adopt

      :ninja: More advanced idea: Give to a technology (astrophysics, Intergalactic research network or sensor phalanx) the power to automatically "broadcast" attack alert to Alliance members in range of communication:
      • An alert in displayed in yellow or orange at the same location of Attack alert (cf. red zone in screenshot below) to players' planets 'in range' (in order to indicate that a fellow member is being attacked)
      • Clicking on the alert opens a pop-up that enable to send oneself the famous 'unsimulated combat report'
      If several 'in range' alliance members are attacked, the pop-up will display the list of on-going attacks with the same style as in the 'Fleet movement' window.

    • I like the first part of idea .......... an improve of possibility to share report ......... in this case to share info of incoming attack

      I don't like instead the second part of idea about the possibility to share in automatic ........... because in that way work as an automatic alert for the defender (player A know that arrive attacck, call defenders, defenders move resources/fleet and attacker lose time

    • Actually my only reason behind the second part is that I like the Idea of broadcasting the Attack Alert to Alliance members (or Buddies) when being attacked. It is a good way in my opinion to reinforce Alliance cohesion & encourage ACS Defend.

      But it does not need to be automatic, the alert can only be broadcasted after the "Request for Help" has been sent by attacked players. It could be turned off via the shared 'Unsimulated Attack Report'

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