Add fleet dispatch options & Make alliance depot useable for trade

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    • Add fleet dispatch options & Make alliance depot useable for trade

      Which idea (if any) would you want to see in the game? 2
        1. Choose along the way to deploy a fleet on 'Transport mission' (instead of turning back) (2) 100%
        2. Allow to make fleet return to a different planet after objective completed (2) 100%
        3. Add "retrieve" option to Transport mission to bring resources on way back (if available on planet) (1) 50%
        4. Add on Alliance depot the possibility to "trade" with stationary fleets (2) 100%
      Please do not hesitate to give your opinions on each idea (especially if you hate it) or to LIKE and VOTE :thumbsup: if you support some of the ideas to show the Devs which ones are popular (if any)

      :jsheep: Additional fleet dispatch options

      The main idea is to add fleet maneuver capabilities to the game (more advanced than just make a fleet turn back) like ACS attack/defend in their time
      Following ideas are independent:

      1. Choose along the way to Deploy a fleet on Transport mission on arriving planet instead of turning back (and likewise ACS Defend a friendly planet)
      2. Allow to make a fleet return to a different planet than the departing one after objective completed.
        Simple Case example: Return to another colony after a raid to transfer resources or relocate fleet directly to a colony (without having to wait for fleet to return and then launch a transport/deploy mission)
        "return" button during outward trip will make fleet return to departing planet
        Advanced Case example: Facilitate recycling assist by transferring directly all (or part of) the resources to the other player (moonshot, ...) - 2 steps mission
        "return" button at any intermediate step triggers turning back to departing planet>>>Destination(s) will have to be set in advance; so deuterium cost can be adjusted in consequence.
      3. Add a "retrieve" option to Transport mission to automatically bring back a resource amount from one of your own planet(if still available when fleet arrives) instead of having to wait for it to arrive & send it back. Combine with "2. Advanced mission planning", it will allow to transfer a fleet to a planet while collecting resources from another colony on the way

      4. [NEW] Add the possibility to exchange or give resources to a friendly fleet stationary over Alliance depot (to the limit of fleet cargo capacity & fleet size with Alliance depot level)
        Simple Case: Player sends his fleet over friendly planet with or without resources. Once fleet is stationary, planet owner can give/fill resources to the limit of friendly fleet cargo capacity
        Advanced Case: Once friendly fleet is stationary, both players will be to able to trade resources through a pop-up window if connected as the same time. Additional ideas:
        - selling ships/transferring ship ownership could be allowed
        - resources exchange rates could be controlled (max/min limit) under "fair trade regulations" to prevent abuse/pushing suspicion
        - player trade offers could be visible by buddies/alliance members in Galaxy view per system or on a new tab.
        Similar post - cf. Trade Center. The idea behind is not having to use your own fleet/transporters if a friendly player need resources from you
      5. [REMOVED] Reroute a fleet midway[\b] during return trip OR when deploying on another planet if deuterium cost is lower that initial amount[/i]
      ... you may have other ideas

      I remember some old debate about similar ideas. Only the possibility of rerouting a fleet midway would require to modify the way deuterium is used as fuel for ships. Ex:Separate cargo hold

      Remaining cargo capacity = Total cargo capacity of fleet - Amount of deuterium planned as fuel when mission start

      The fleet maneuvers would be limited by remaining fuel. Max fuel reservoir capacity: a given % of fleet cargo capacity, improved by a techno (hyperspace...). Sensor phalanx would indicate how much fuel is remaining for each fleet & players would have to adapt their strategy to fleetcrash. Open question : Does the deuterium captured during raid could refill fuel reservoirs ?

      That's all folks ! :ninja:

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    • absolutely NO at any part of this idea.

      I play as miner, so I should like your idea, but I think with this change become impossible to crash fleets. Example, I use falange (or defenders call me) and I know that players A will become at his planet at time X, so i can start attack to crash fleet 1 second after it is arrived ........... if you while flying change target I sent attack for nothing.

      Any part of your idea give to me opinion that the effect will be a game more easy ............. next step what is ? That mission attack can it load debris without using recyclers?

    • I edited several time my post to clarify what I had in mind; because there are several ideas.
      I totally agree with you regarding "rerouting a fleet midway" (n°5). I cannot think of a way to implement it without making the game either too easy with almost impossible fleetcrash or to complex if you finish having to chase the other fleet while competing on remaining fuel.

      -->Apart from that, the other points concern new mission types that would have to be planned in advance. Fleetcrash/fleetsave mechanisms would be unchanged; but it will allow players to move their fleets more efficiently (without useless back and forth trips to transport resources)

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