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    • hello

      an idea of the numbers of Target-Universes ? with 60 Exodus-Universes for example

      is there Target-Universes with no ACS and default value (30% cdr , x1 , ...) ?

      20,000 possible accounts in Target-Universes ? (cf screen)

      Universes x2 and Universes x4 will be concerned ( affected) ??

      edit :

      it is possible to have an estimate close to 1 month when fusion arrive ?

      will be there a beta public to test fusion ? ( Christmas xD )

      could you respond to those who have launched a search for 1 year to have a world record and must stop search for fusion ? :S
    • The public testserver ( called ) goes onlive before christmas. Including the first versions of the uni merging feature and the new noob protection.
      With the beginning of the next year the GF will tell you more about the date.

      Every player will get a eMail to anncounce this important change and an info box in the game.

      The number of Exodus- Universes if NOT fix, depends on the universes and the community.
    • icho wrote:

      why few months ?

      a concurrent game of ogame with only 1 personn in the devellopper team, make a tool in less than one month. this tool import the ogame account in two minutes.

      I don't undestand why GF couldn't make this faster. GF have the database, and it exists a lot of tools for sorting database.

      Sorry this board is NOT the place to talk in this senseless niveau. A lot of people tell that they can do all those things faster and better - They can do this in their own projects. Please use their boards for those postings.

    • Just one question please Francolino :D
      Concerning the Target-universes, are they empty universes or old ones in which players already play.
      I mean , as an example:
      Let's say uni 1 - 8 exodus universes, and the 9th is the target one : in that case, all gameurs from uni 1 to 9 are going to move to universe 9, therefore this will result in some problems . Players who are already playing in uni 9, have their planets already in position ^^. Another problem is that uni 9 contains also a lot of inactives players who won't be removed, thus the universe(target) will still contain some inactives players :S.
      Maybe this means that the target universe will be an empty one .
      Just to be sure ;) Francolino?
      Thanks for your future reply :D
    • Taro wrote:

      What about special unis?
      And what about unis that are special only by having different rules?

      The GF try to care about special universes. Why "Try" ? Some communites have enough special universes to merge them (like ....) - Special universes needs special decicsions for every community.
      Same for those universes with different rules. At the moment no one can tell a decision.

      The Truth wrote:

      Concerning the Target-universes, are they empty universes or old ones in which players already play.

      Exodus-Universes : existing empty ones

      Target-Universe : existing ones with more player
    • Francolino wrote:

      Zitat von »The Truth«
      Concerning the Target-universes, are they empty universes or old ones in which players already play.

      Exodus-Universes : existing empty ones

      Target-Universe : existing ones with more player
      :thumbsup: got it thanks ^^ . However , as I said previously , this gonna' pose some problems. I hope that GF would handle it well :) .
    • Sorry Francolino but I'm disappointed by such a method !

      For me it was evident that target-universes would be empty at the beginning of the process.

      Why ?
      - to treate EVERY PLAYER in the same manner ! I think it's VERY important ! A universe has its own character and the former players in the target-uni would benefit a lot (too much ! if you prefer) !
      - to eliminate all accounts which are "problematic" and which occupy a huge amount of space in any target-uni you could choose.

      I know, creating new servers is a hard work to do but I think it's not a real big problem for the GF who creates such server many times a year.

      In addition, in the example you give us, where is the choice for the exodus-players, please ?
      not to mention the great difficulties for the exodus-players to find some free place in G1 Galaxy in french uni 1 from the beginning of the process !

      Thank you in advance for your reply.

      Le bonheur est souvent la seule chose qu'on puisse donner sans l'avoir,
      et c'est en le donnant qu'on l'acquiert ^ Voltaire.

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    • In first, thanks for merging universes, it's a really good things :thumbsup:

      I just want to said that I think it's not the best idea to permit at all users to choose the universe where they merge.
      I understand that it's made to the players which have an account in univers 1 and 2 for exemple, but I'm affraid that this things create univers with minors and univers with raider...
      Moreover the enemy will be separate, same the alliance, the players of a univers which have a real story...

      In the french board a lot of people are a little affraid with this idea

      But merging univers it's a good things same if they have this problem ;)

      Sorry for my bad english :S
    • This example was an example for example to show you an example.
      Depending from the number of universes in a community there are MORE then one Target universe. Please read the news - The GF have do discuss this vor every community. Maybe they they mark 10 unis as "Exodus Unis" and 3 as "Target Unis" from Uni 1 to 13
    • My only question about this merger is, what will happened to the inactive players, as they are an important source of income for as well big as small players... I find this is an important issue as there is only so much you can do against the many supposedly now "active" players, and I for have always been a farmer of inactive players to supplement my mine income.


    • Hello,
      I am very glad to see the merging project finally coming, and I can't wait to see the outcome of it !
      As most of the people, I don't understand why you don't simply create totally empty universes as possible targets.
      It would "clean" all the accounts that have been in MV or [iI] for ages, and avoid few issues described above (especially regarding the available slots in G1). It would also create universes with a new identity, instead of "invading" an old one.

      At last : Many thanks to the GF for communicating more with the community, it is REALLY appreciated. :)
    • Completely agree with Asterix. If target universes are existing ones, players in that universe get a big advantage: they have built their planets with a strategy (short or long term). Players coming from "exodus" universes will only get remaining free spaces (if there are any, with all accounts that should have been deleted for a long time).

      ex: I' im uni 10. I have to move my account to universe 5 (target). All inactive accounts in uni 10 will be deleted/removed, since they don't move (that's good, very good!). How can you have some equity if inactive accounts from uni 5 (target) are not deleted/removed: they are using slots that others would like to get.

      Another ex: I have 2 planets in 1:210 (ghosting not too expensive since I'm in the same system, even with my big fleet). Now, if I'm transfered to 1:203 in the target universe, it's OK. But if I have 1 planet in 1:205 and the other in 1:208 (not that far, though), it makes a huge difference.

      Another ex: I know that more fleet targets are in G1 or G2. If there are no more slots, I will be located in G3, or even worse in G9... Too bad!

      That would be acceptable if and only if I can get the possibility to move my planets (perhaps not all of them, but at least half of them) without paying any DM, at least in the first 2 weeks after transfer.

      I would agree that all players are stuck with the same rules (I know that there will be some unhappy users with the unifusion), i.e. target universes are empty at the beginning (same rule for all - first players get their planets as close as possible to their original location - others where there are some slots left). I don't agree if the target universes are existing ones.

      PS. I'm kendiraton, well known on the french board to always be against GF's changes :D But there are some reasons for!