Suggestions [Plasma Shield] restraint of Ship Types.

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    • Suggestions [Plasma Shield] restraint of Ship Types.

      The monotonous fleet composition and too simple attack structure are the problems that OGAME faces.

      The plasma shield is a standard interstellar unit defense system, and I think this concept should replace the existing shield system. Of course, it also includes the corresponding adjustment of attack rules and attack power of various existing units.

      I think we should ensure that CL shield absorbs LF attack, BB shield HF attack and DD shield absorbs BC attack completely. DS absorbs attacks on all units except DD. That is to say, the LF attack force is equal to the CL shield, and its attack will be absorbed by the opponent's shield completely; thus, if one attack is set, it will only damage the opponent's 1 life value, and six attacks are 6. That is to say, only 4500LF, 6 rounds of attack just destroyed 27,000 life CL. The same applies to other cascade units, such as HF attacking BB. The research of attack power is no longer to increase attack power directly, but to increase the percentage of damage. Such units with mutual restraint can still have a good rate of damage.

      In this way, LF will be completely restrained by CL. HF will restrain CL by attacking more than CL shield. In turn, HF will be restrained by LF which can break through its shield. The restraint of various units will be extremely obvious. In the battlefield, it is not easy to destroy CL, BB, BC and DD simply by building large groups of LF and a small amount of BC.

      Of course, this is only a rough idea, the specific attack force and plasma shield strength need to be carefully adjusted. Such a scheme opens up a good space for the possibility of adding more new units in the future. We can even have an ion shock attack, which has a lower probability of breaking down all shields. Battles are full of challenges and uncertainties.

      In short, if my proposal is implemented, there will not be a large number of 2 or 3 units across the universe, and DD will not be ignored.

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