Rip changes

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    • Rip changes

      Change Rip to let it go at x1 speed in every universe for the DM missions and reduce its storage at 1.000.

      The reason is that do mission to destroy moon in speed universes is really easy, and often the best option. On top of that, many player use this ship to fully destroy bunkers and, at the same time, farm the planets.
      Ok, i understand that an OP ship should exist to let people be focused on the game, cause all can happen, but it is ridicoulous that some player can go full RIPs on bunkers, destroy them all, lose zero ships and even farm the planet and get honor points.
      Wanna use RIPs to pass bunkers or ships? Ok, but you can't farm planet. If you want to farm planet send cargos with them, like people send recyclers to recicle DF.
      Or, send "normal" ships, maybe in this way bomber will find an use with other ships.

      I think this changes may improve the game expirience.

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