Moon topic.

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    • Moon topic.

      I want to talk about gameplay around the moons. How it has changed over time.

      In the past destroying moons was something hard to achieve. It was too expensive because of the large amount of death stars they could lose. Also it was hard to plan, it used to take too much time for DS to arrive to the moon (so the defender could ACS defend) and also it was dangerous because defenders used to have time enough to crash attackers fleet as soon as it return to the attacker's moon.

      This doesn’t work in that way anymore. Universes have their economies speed multiplied by 5, 7 or even more so loosing 10 or 40 DS is not that expensive (also the prize you can find behind the moon destruction is huge comparing to the loses the attackers could have destroying that moon). In addition, fleet speed has been set up to x2, x4, or even more, so the defender doesn’t have time enough to defend himself. At this point, you could get up at in the morning and see that there is not moons left in your whole account. I saw players destroying moons as if it were just gambling.

      In my opinion, this gameplay should change and become as expensive as it used to be in the past. Therefore, my proposal is to set moon destruction odds and Death Starts destruction odds dependant on the economy speed and fleet speed of each universe as you currently do with wreck fields and fusion reactors.

      This suggestion pretend to set the same proportional costs and the same proportional planning problems for destroying moons in every universe and every community.

      Of suggestions implemented by GF like:
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    • My opnion is that the question about economies speed, is wrong because in a x1 economy after 10 years you have same situation of economy x4 but after 4 years ........... economy speed don't change balance.

      Instead the speed fleet change balance. So the easy solution is that mission destruction have in any universe the same speed of an universe x1 instead to have rip that can arrive in less that 1 hour

    • Referring to your first paragraph, consider the fact that loosing 50 DS in an universe x1 is not that affordable than in a x7 universe. This is what I was trying to say. Trying to destroy moons are kind of cheaper in an economy speeded up.

      Also the gains of destroying one single moon in an accelerated economy brings you the though of using more DS because even if you lost more DS, you could steal much more resources than in a x1 Universe , so at the end... yeah, is easier to destroy moons in an accelerated universe.

      Of suggestions implemented by GF like:
      Deconstruction Time Needed
      This post have already been reported