Integrate the legal scripts within Commander

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    • Integrate the legal scripts within Commander


      I don't understand why we are encouraged to download all those legal scripts when they can just as easily be integrated into the game, as an opt-in, of course.

      I simply feel like I'm cheating when I use those scripts and it takes away the fun for me. Why can't the devs just implement at least some of the basic functionality found in those scripts? I would even be okay with paying a small amount of Dark Matter for them. It just seems silly to me that a browser game relies on third-party scripts to the extent that the game cannot be played competitively without them.

      Some of the basic-but-useful functionality seems so easy to code that I bet devs can do it overnight.

      Any thoughts?
    • more code = more bugs :D
      I think the antigame functions should have been added to the game long ago, but didn't they promise it?
      But thanks to the developers for the ability to create scripts.
      You can put a lot of convenient scripts for yourself, and for others unnecessary, and it will not allow you to slow down the game much.