Inactive players, V mod

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    • Inactive players, V mod

      I think You should do,FIRST, something about inactive players( not in v mod)...they are deleted after month or so,i think You should keep them in game for 3-4 months or don't delete them at all....
      Servers become dead fast because you delete them and people don't have anything to farm (when there is no targets around), at least let people farm them and keep playing on servers.
      I stopped playing on many servers because nothing to farm...transport res from colonies it's not fun (every day)

      With this u will keep people playing on servers because they can gather res,at least, from inactive people and raise their mines/fleet.

      - allow people to stay in v mod for 7 days in a month,no more
      - when 7 days pass, if they don't log in, do auto leaving V mode
      - make people pay to stay longer in v mode

      Maybe this idea,about v mode, some people won't like...but when everything is p2w, why not do this? ...
      Many just go 4ever in v mode ...what's the point of that.
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    • Inactives.

      No, GF should focus on active game, not the inactive one. Attack inactives to farm resources is like a farming game. Maybe people should go play farming games instead of OGame if this is what they want.
      As i said GF should focus on the active game, player versus player, ships vs ships.....not ships vs a dead planet that produce for no reason.


      This is a game, not a work. If i want to stay V-mode for many reason i should be able to do it. In fact is like i'm not there to play, so you play not counting me. What's your problem about v-mode accounts? The fact that you can't take their resources?

      The only thing i want to see is a timer before go again in v-mode. To avoid who remove v-mode, attack and then go back in v-mode. Maybe a timer that extend the time before you go in v-mode based on what tipe of mission you did, if you did one.
      I remove v-mode, i do a transport, i've to wait 1 day before to go back in v-mode.
      I remove v-mode, i do an attack, i've to wait 1 day standard plus 1 other day for the attack i've done...2 in total.

      For me this would be great.