[WebSite] Ogamazing - Combat Report Converter and more soon

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    • [WebSite] Ogamazing - Combat Report Converter and more soon

      Hello everyone,

      Since TopRaider CR Converter is down i created Ogamazing which is a website that convert your combat reports completely based on the TopRaider skin and dark color.

      Once the combat report will be fully functional i'll add every other features of TopRaider to provide an alternative to it.

      You can test the CR convert here :


      @NoMoreAngel Let me know if it's possible to have my API Key available to all communities universes and not only the Pioneers so i can have better feedbacks from users.

      CR key to test the CR converter : cr-en-801-ba8aa99206aa4129727fe47258149408062967e4

      Currently the work that's still in progress is :

      • Localization, currently it's a mix of French and English, my goal is to have a complete version in French AND in English
      • CR Converter dont have following features yet :
        • Handle WoltLab BBCODE ( [align=center] instead of [center] )
        • ACS CR
        • Fully translated
        • Add loots report
        • Add harvest report
      If you have some Feedback let me know !!