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    • Inactive storage levels


      As our unis dwindle and more and more new accounts join our universes and quit, becoming inactive i feel we should do more to support those who stay.

      My proposal is a simple one

      As inactives become 28 days inactive storage levels should no longer be a factor in their resources production. This would give more opportunity to those who farm res from inactives including new players and hopefully create a more solid economy within the current remaining player base.

      I suppose the lore behind it could be

      As the inhabitants of the empire leave for a more prosperous society mine production continues leaving the raw materials produced to pile up on the planet and not moved to the storage facilities.

      Raiders of planets benefit from this disorganised mess by filling their cargo holds.

      As a fleeter, this could go some way to balancing the increasingly large disparities between huge hits and mine production.
    • Interesting, but technically talking a high level inactive account, for example a bunker, would have an advantage if it can defend itself.

      Of course it would take 28 days, but after that if I understand correctly, would be like playing with infinite storage? (Just thinking the possibilities)

      Thanks for the lore, I really like it
    • Yes. Thats the idea to make any inactive help sustain the economy but only after 28 days to give a fair period where huge bunkers wouldnt get smacked for profit.

      It would, in higher eco unis, make pretty much any inactive viable for farming at some point after day 28.

      It would also present more opportunity for alliances to create tactics around ACS defend and subsequent returning of fleet.

      Anyways, just a suggestion help the economy of dying universes
    • I think, it don't help nothing, it only helps the first in the standings that they will be able to find some more full bunkers ......... once passed over the defenses, no inactive I think never reaches the limit of the deposits, because every day is attacked by someone.

      A true improve of game should be account created random by GF, so to have more target to attack ......... and of course should be better that his fake accounts are with defence, ships and move fleet and resource between planets (so that it is not so easy to farm)

    • You are right to a degree, but those noob accounts with storage 5s which you currently can only farm 100k res from would become much more profitable

      In a x7 eco (where i play) i estimate it to be worth around 400-600m a day in universe wide resources. Depending on who will get deleted.

      Thats 146b res a year if its 400m a day.

      But i also agree, bots or AI would be an interesting concept.