Account fusion Vrs. migrating v-mode acc. to empty server.

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    • Account fusion Vrs. migrating v-mode acc. to empty server.

      The idea is pretty simple.
      where players have several accounts. in other universes they can select one fusion account and one target account if the target account for example is 5 times smaller than the fusion account they get to keep 3 levels of all research and 3 planets and moons of their choice for the planets and moons (HOW EVER they cannot keep any fleet from the fusion account.) that will be fused to the lesser account. and any paid DM on the fused account is forfite to aid in the fusion of the account's and no more than one account can be fused to another account . to avoid account's becoming overly powered and unbalance the universe.
    • To elaborate

      lets say i have an account with 250kk points on it. in. Rigel. that is in v-mode and been so for some time.

      but I am consistantly active in Urial we're my acc. is 46kk in points.

      and I choose to fuse Rigel's account over to the urial account.

      both names should be the same on both accounts. and a matching email. add.

      but I only get to chose 3 planets and moons from the rigel account to fuse to the urial account. all the mines and structures on the fusion planets and moons. from Rigel get added to the target account.
      In Urial . along with 3 levels of researches from the fusion acc. (NO FLEET GETS FUSED ) down side is any and all paid DM on the fusion account gets lost for the cost of the process

      As well as t the remains of the fused acc. that was fused to the target acc. will be deleted from the server. 7 days after fusion has happened. this can be done with some modification the uni merger program.

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