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    • If someone can translate i'll appreciate it, i don't have much time now.
      Anyway i'll copy/paste from GT. Until i come to translate you can check GT, read by yourself (if you know italian) or wait someone to translate it for me.

      The original link is this

      The google translate is this.
      Explanation Suggestion: The market of resources as it is conceived now will cease to exist. The auctions will be deleted. The market may be renamed "Galactic Market", or left unchanged, at your discretion.

      The market of resources will be a real Market (with a capital M). The difference is that, instead of managing it, giving GF resources to those who spend it, it will be "managed" by the players.

      Objects still existing, all existing objects including those for the moons, will be buys and salable, only and exclusively at the cost of MO.
      Each fight and shipment will find an item, the find will be completely random, the% for each item (Kraken, Detroid, Newtron .... etc) and for each grade (bronze, silver and gold) will be decided by the GF in order to balance everything to their liking, based on how they want to make the market go (as if they were a sort of "managers" of the galaxy that coordinates exchanges).

      Given the elimination of the merchant as it is now conceived, new items will be considered that will be considered "precious objects" (pure visual purpose) that can be used as kraken & co. to gain resources (as if they were selling to some alien).
      New items will also be introduced for hiring staff and any existing premium option (even the reloc). It will be at the GF (see below) to give the right price to everything.

      Attacks on inactive will not give rise to any discovery. Inactive attacks to farm? Well, you have your reward, the free and almost always easy farm. Do you want item? Send expeditions (so much are limited) but above all attack active, create game and then you will receive something.

      To incentivize the game you can decide multiple variables (as well as limits), ways to get items and also to increase the% for the most requested items.
      If a crash occurs between fleets that produce many millions or billions, you can give more than one item, or just gold, and so on.
      Or, if there is at least 20% no items.
      Or, maximum X item per day (until reset at 3:00).
      Or, maximum Y item by attacking the same player.
      Or, maximum Z items from shipments.
      Or, every X hours receive a random item in the import / export in addition to the basic one (s) to buy (or given directly).

      Removing the auctions (which according to many are not well structured, including myself) will remain only the import / export. It could very well be done that every day you can receive a random number of items within a limit, or a very specific number per day (excluding various variables and limits to be decided as in the example).

      The cost in MO of each item will be FIXED, the GF will decide according to how much MO wants to spend at the reduction time or the extra resources that are obtained. Same for reloc, premium and so on.

      You can (given that the halves are not comparable to gold and other) add the platinum and diamond, always at the discretion of the GF.
      * note of the author, if they do not want you arrange with many GOLD *

      The sales order of the items will be simple, those who first sell it will see it bought. A list, no way around the list. The differentiation will be based on the item and its degree. This means that those who go to buy only see one, the one at the top of the list (if someone sells it).

      If the item requested by the buyer is not sold by anyone, it will be possible to buy it from aliens, or pay it to the game by itself (it will be specified). So who wants something shoppando will always get it and in any case.

      You can (if desired by the players and / or the GF) also make a differentiation between MO purchased / bought and obtained from the sale / shipments so as to do, if you want, that if an item is not sold by anyone and you must buy it "from the game" can be done only by MO purchased. (I do not like it but you see)

      Motivation suggestion: Because I believe that the MO is a serious "problem". It makes many players unhappy that they do not see fair play. Although I think it is right that this is so, because the GF must have a profit, I do not conceive of waste. So why should someone who shoppa and spend MO have to see the MO disappear without doing anything?
      Nowadays there are only two categories of players, some shoppa (even those who are occasional) and those who do not shive on principle. Who does not shoppa will continue not to do it, while those who shoppa will not have problems with anything, if he wants something he pays and takes it.
      Reason why, to make everything a little 'fairer, I think it's a good thing to do that the MO spent by shoppa, instead of disappearing, go to the coffers of some other player, so as to create a trade nice serious.

      Some might think that the GF will lose us but it will not be so because the items bought will be used, then on balance the MO in any case will disappear (and must be repurchased, both by the individual and the community), people seeing the fairer thing will be more motivated to play (so maybe more users), but especially those who want to spend it will still have more than others (because yes, who spends will always have an advantage, albeit minimal compared to now), or something in particular that wants to buy and he could not find.
      In short, those who spend will continue to do so, those who do not spend will not continue to do so. The thing could only be more balanced for those who play because anyone will have the opportunity to have what he seeks, even if playing and, perhaps, sweating.

      Any comments: You can add a new commando staff that increases the items taken or their rarity, so much of gain for the GF, if they change the system in this way.