Deconstruction of Buildings

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    • Deconstruction of Buildings

      So, recently I acquired a new account which is heavily relying on solar plants, some of which are level 35 +. I personally prefer fusion plants, so naturally I'd like to deconstruct the solar plants, scrap a majority of the solar sats, and build fusions up. The problem that arises here is the ridiculous notion that I have to pay a percentage to deconstruct the solar plants down, which adds up when starting at level 35. My proposal is possibly unrealistic, but I figured I'd try. I think that instead of having to pay to deconstruct, you should get 5-10% back. This would also increase based on your ion research level to give additional percentage - maybe 0.5% per level. I also would like to suggest an ability to deconstruct in increments, such as deconstructing all levels of solar plant in one click, or in increments of 5.

      Is this outlandish or a possibility?