Highscore Point System.

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    • Highscore Point System.

      One thing that has been bothering me and apparently a lot of other players, majority to be honest.

      Let's get this straight:
      Economy points should be Mines... And mines alone. Adding Plasma Technology to be both Economy and Research isn't a bad idea and fits as well since Plasma Technology also increases resource production. Economy is supposed to be what you produce. Why in the bloody hell is Defense considered Economy?

      But yet... Outside of the game, you have a thing like mmporg where you can actually see detailed information about a player's defense(and everything else) points. This apparently can be used by any player and is not ilegal. So why not have it in the game in the first place?

      It should be like this:

      Mines - 100%
      Plasma Technology - 100%
      And nothing else.
      Economy is what you produce. Period.

      Researches - 100% which is what it's at and it's fine. Plasma Technology remains as research points, basically, Plasma Technology could count as 100% Economy and 100% Research pretty much like currently Defense, stupidly, counts as both 100% Economy points as well as Military, which creates a big mess in the highscore.

      Civil Ships remain at 50% and ONLY count towards Military Highscore, and not ANYTHING else aside from Overall Points obviously.
      Defense should be 100% Military and Military Highscore only, just like fleet. You can add in the Military subcategories a tab for Defense only.

      Economy + Research + Militar + All the other buildings that don't belong to any of the main 3 categories, which includes Nanites, Phalanx, Storages, Jump Gates, etc, etc.

      If it doesn't sit well having no category for the normal buildings then just create a new tab in the Highscore named... for example "Other" or "Structures" there. But I don't think that's necessary at all.