no se de verdad donde colocar esta sugerencia

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    • no se de verdad donde colocar esta sugerencia

      Hola primero que nada no se donde colocar esta sugerencia.

      Dar como recompensa a los que tienen titulo de señor de las estrellas y emperador
      +1 en la tecnología de plasma.

      A los de rey emperador
      +2 en tecnología plasma
      +1 en tecnología ionica
      Ya que me parece bien la sanción que existe para los bandidos, pero no observo ventaja alguna para los que tienen títulos honoríficos .

      saludos a todos espero les guste

      Google translate

      Give as a reward to those who have the title of Lord of the Stars and Emperor
      +1 in plasma technology
      To those of King Emperor
      +2 in plasma technology
      +1 in ionic technology
      Since I think the sanction that exists for the bandits is fine, but I do not see any advantage for those who have honorary titles

      Greetings to all I hope you like it
    • i would suggest respectively:
      +1 to combat technologies (all of them)
      +1 espionage and +2 to combat technologies (like up).

      The reason is an honorable player has two way to get honor, attack or defend. So, if he is an honorable player i think is right to boost what can improve his way to play, in defence or attack, so i think that should be in combat research. If he get a lot of points then this mean is a crasher, and do only (or close) honorable attacks, so is right in my opinion to boost even more his combat technologies and even espionage by 1.