Bug in the ranking page

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    • Bug in the ranking page

      Browser-extensions / Addons: Please deactivate them! No Support with Addons.

      Bug description
      • On which action did the bug appear: When you switch repeatedly between the tabs "Alliance" and "Players" in the ranking page fast enough to don't let the page load.
      • How does the bug show itself:The main page appears inside the space where ranking should be.

      • Screenshot to show the problem better (only if needed and please only upload the needed sections, not your whole desktop)

      General data for the bughunt
      • Internetbrowser with versionnumber: Firefox Quantum 64.0b7 (64-bit)

      • Does the bug also appear in other Browsers?: I don't know

      • When using mobile / tablet - which operating system do you use: I only use Pc, OS:Windows 10
      • Internetserviceprovider and connectiontype (LAN/WLAN/Mobile-Data):LAN
      • OGame Version in which the bug appeared: 5.7

      • If this action created an API-ID, please share it: cd8cb1cc4b84d4bd3e1f59aed47ba5ca

    • Hoi,

      you are absolutely right. This is broken.

      I forwarded this bug report. But, as you might image, this bug has no high priority at all, especially compared to the other things OGame currently has to handle. So don't be disappointed if it doesn't get fixed within the next couple of days... ;)

      As soon as I hear anything about this, I will write back here into this thread!

      Again, thanks for reporting!