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    • Help Universe

      Help Universe v1.0

      • Info: Lightweight addon which add some UI to default layout with useful information about our empire. For more precisely info see screenshots, becouse a picture is worth a thousand words.
      • Author: morlooy.
      • Ogame: 6.8.1+
      • Website: No website.
      • Support: OGame Origin board, this thread :D
      • Download:
      • Screenshot: below.
      • Browser: Chrome, Firefox.
      • Compability: All possibly shared data are prefixed with HU_, so there shouldn't be conflicts.
      • Languages: EN.

      The post was edited 6 times, last by morlooy ().

    • Hi morlooy,

      thanks for developing an addon for the OGame community!

      Can you additionally give us the link for the Chrome addon store, as you said it is also available for Chrome? Or isn't is listed in the store (yet)?

      Besides that, please give us some days to check your addon regarding compliance with the OGame t&c - this normally should take less than a week and you will hear back from us in this thread if we have any questions or suggestions.

      Thanks for helping making OGame better! :)
    • Thanks, for cheering :D I understand that revision must take a while, and looking forward for your feedback.

      By listed Chrome side by Firefox I mean that it's work for both browser. Unfortunately I don't plan distributed it on Chrome Web Store.
      Hence you must go for manual instalation from *.zip as "unpacked extension". I edited first post, to make it clear for everyone else.
      Sorry for misleading. ^^

      Also about that's post with [Bugs], they will be fixed in next version.
      I planned release each version in period 1-2 weeks, at the begining of course when (I hope no) a lot of little bugs will be found.