Removal of long term vmoders/revitalize targetuniverses

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    • Removal of long term vmoders/revitalize targetuniverses

      With the merge a few active unis are now overcrowded in the 4-12 planetarea. You might have gotten a lot of free relocations but you can't really use them because there are inactives and v-moded user everywhere.

      The suggestion is to make a second, instantaneous, merge in which all players in vmode and inactive longer than 6 months get removed from the servers and put into a holding universe. Same should apply for inactives under a certain point limit (depending on the uni). The holding universe should be a permanent exodus universe from which players can merge back into their old universe at any point in time (without blocking registrations for the normal universes).

      Benefits of this:
      - You can actually colonize positons except 3 again to get big planets
      - You can actively fleet again
      - Your uni wouldn't look as dead
      - You can set your planets in a way you want and not the amount mass amount of inactives dictates.
      - The GF doesn't lose money because the Accounts don't get deleted and they don't need to give the DM back.
      - Fun

      Origin Admin
      Ogame-Tech Chief
    • 1M / 500k is a decent inactive, I think that just moving eternal v-mode (including banned users) would be ok, plus all those small inactives but may be smaller than 100k points is enough to free the universe.

      But this should be something that happens once, not that in the future any new (vI) of six months could be moved. Just now, accounts that haven't been logged in the last 6 months and are in vmode, plus all inactives smaller than 100k.

      That would be awesome!

      Still I upvote, but I say that may be keep > 100k inactives could be enough free space (if it's not, then > 200k :P hehe).
    • I stated this before in a thread:

      Make Inactive(over 30 days) vmodders turn their planets into raiding planets with their original facility levels with either no defense or with their original defense made by the player itself. If it's with the later, make it so that after the player becomes active again, he still retains his original defense, but to be frank, it would be much wiser to make it so that it doesn't have defenses, I think it would be less complicated to implement it this way and easier for the players to farm, it would likely also increase a lot of players to be more active and activity is what ogame is needing right now.
    • TGWo wrote:

      Grimm wrote:

      I think it would be less complicated to implement it this way and easier for the players to farm
      LOLDon't you think that you want a game a little too much easy ? First you want to remove at all inactive the v-mode, then you want also to remove defence .............
      I said that defence could be in the planet. I gave 2 choices, not one, can't you read? I simply stated which option I personally prefer.

      Or do you prefer to have thousands of planet slots with nothing but vmodders that offer no practicality or activity whatsoever into the game? Yeah, it's definitely better that way isn't it?
    • I prefer hard game, instead easy game

      So for me it is not a good improve to "create" farm easy to attack ............ do you want resources? Then do a serious attack and crash defence .......... later you will have far without defence (if inactive).

      If you check, there was an other suggest where talking about introduce bot players in the universe to increase target and activity and I like that idea, but only if are similar at true account.

      PS: you are free to say what you like ............. how i think i can be free to say that i don't like your idea to create a easy game.

    • NoMoreAngel wrote:

      It shouldn't remove all inactives, just the ones that aren't viaable for the uni. For example the ones under 1kk/500k points. Those are too small for anyone but noobs to farm.
      i disagree with this part, 1kk/500k points is waay too high, i think it should be set at under 250k points, i just raided a bunch of inactives at about 250k points, getting 500k-1mil resources in total per raid so i think that is a decent amount when there are not many other accounts to raid around you.